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Welcome to Intentional Health.

My name is Niky, and I’m the founder of Intentional Health.

Before I talk about me, can I ask you, have you ever taken time to think about you?

  • about what you eat,
  • what you do,
  • how you think,
  • who or what influences or impacts your choices
  • or how some or all of these factors or you as an amazing and unique person?

 Or that your health and wellbeing determines the quality and quantity of your life.

It’s often much easier to think about many of those qualities or see them in others than it is in the mirror, and how often do we forget that our health is easier to maintain than it is to regain?

Intentional Health could be for you if you’ve ever thought about any of those area’s, and especially if you’ve thought about thinking about them more in the future.

Or if you have never thought about any of those area’s before, Intentional Health could help you begin your journey to be more Intentional about your health.

Often, we may know what the healthier options are, but we don’t necessarily always remember, or choose them, and don’t always think about the cumulative effects they may have on us later in life.

Intentional health has been designed following over 15 years experience in secondary education and public health interventions. It appears that existing public services aren’t yet turning the tide of the UK’s increasingly poor lifestyle health, particularly for those with poorer income and education.

Designed to complement these already overstretched public services, Intentional Health is simply a toolkit for churches to facilitate the learning about preventative health and well-being messages in a supportive and non-judgmental way.

The overwhelming message of Intentional Health is inspiring already established local communities to make informed healthy choices with sustainable peer support and encouragement, helping individuals take responsibility today, and choose to be intentional about their health for the future.

Whilst it’s innovative 10 session programme does include elements of nutrition, diet and exercise, it’s not purely about obesity. It also includes topics like creating healthy habits, getting enough rest, looking at boundaries, communication and dealing with conflict, acknowledging that any health choices or habits impact a whole complex individual. There is more information on the weekly Blog pages about the content. We have also been working with Exeter University Medical School to evaluate the impact of the programme. Our preliminary report is available on request

Intentional Health is bible based, but not bible biased, so whilst it includes ancient references from the bible (including “live life to the full”), it’s designed to be fully applicable and accessible to everyone, those of all faiths, and none.

In simple terms, it helps us think about being or taking responsibility for our individual health, be it physical, emotional or even our spiritual wellbeing.

The benefits of the programme can be seen on the video or testimonies page.

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