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Working from Rest


Another more personal blog again this week… I am writing this blog on Tuesday 17th April. Last night I delivered our coach family devotional – this is a monthly 30 minute webinar that all of the Intentional Health coaches and volunteers can be part of if they want. During these sessions, we explore some of the Intentional […]

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Changing the world…


I’m hoping you won’t mind if today, I invite you into my a bit of my world… I used to laugh at my good friend Annie, who would frequently tease me saying she was convinced that one day, I was going to change the world. I think she’d only say this because of my passion […]

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Opportunities vs Obligation


Have you have noticed how frequently we are presented with opportunities? Temptations, distractions and offers that are just “too good to miss” are almost as persistent in our lives today, as the wet, cold, winter has been! Although, I’m sure you were as blessed as I was to finally feel the warmth of sunshine this […]

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New Beginnings

Jo Rabbits

This past weekend we’ve been celebrating Easter! For many, Easter is a time of Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs.  Personally for us, the reason for Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  This year, we’ve managed to combine the two and been blessed to celebrate Easter with friends in style, – who also happen to have […]

Flight Path


Have you ever been heading in one direction, chatting away and suddenly found yourself somewhere unexpected? You could ask yourself this question about a time you may have been merrily following the crowd, walking or driving on a motorway, OR you could ask this question in relation to your health and wellbeing. Merrily going through […]

Confession time…

Lewi Flapjack

Gareth and I have enjoyed watching Masterchef over the past few weeks for a bit of relaxing evening TV. We are not big TV watchers, preferring to watch films or box sets, but Masterchef has been especially welcome in these cold winter and even snowy evenings! We enjoy learning about new foods that we can […]

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football - peter-glaser-202841-unsplash

I was sharing this insight with Niky and she thought it was so good, she has asked me to write a blog to share it with you too! I’m calling this 4 – 1. I love sport, so this comes from the world of sport, but I promise I’ll make it short. My football team […]


Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

We couldn’t write a blog this week without talking about the ‘Beast from the East’.  As a nation, we are pretty consumed with the constantly changing weather! I wonder if that’s because it is something outside of our control and it has such a profound affect on all we do? The extreme conditions of this […]



This morning, I am feeling very appreciative of help and others. For those who don’t know, I have just spent 9 days in bed with a nasty dose of the Flu. Big thanks to all of you who have sent messages of encouragement and well wishes, to those who brought food and flowers and transported […]



Niky is in bed with the flu. It is teaching her a valuable lesson. Sometimes you can be applying the most intentional, proactive and goal orientated approach to your personal health, or any other aspect of your life…….and then you get the flu! It wasn’t forecasted, she didn’t plan for it, nor has she built […]