Bank Holiday Creativity


Photo Credit:Helloquence

Last week we were delighted to receive an email from one of our Intentional Health Coaches.

Sarah and her team, from Redeemer Church, had just finished delivering a 10 Session Intentional Health programme to her community in Ealing, West London.

Here’s what she said…

We had a brilliant time running Intentional Health this summer at Redeemer.  One of our participants Steve Page is an incredible poet and many of the sessions inspired his creative side.  He wrote a few poems and agreed that he was more than happy for me to share them with you.  
I hope they encourage you as they did me.  

This certainly did encourage us! We love creativity and we love that many of the Intentional Health sessions inspired Steve’s creative side!

Big thanks to Sarah and Steve for providing todays Motivational content, I hope it inspires creativity in you too!



There’s nothing magical
About intentional
It’s the beneficial
Not the permissible
Don’t be mindful
Of the infinitesimal
But watch the frequency
Of every mouthful
The size you choose
For your morning bowl full
What you put
On a wholemeal bagel
And then you’ll find you’ll
Be more healthful.


Consider what to cease
With a view to increase
That margin needed to keep
Your essential level of peace
Maintain a healthy fringe
Rather than pack each inch
With no room to breathe
When circumstances pinch
Protect rest on your pillow
And the rest will follow
Make enough space
For more of your mellow

Registration for our next partner Intentional Health training for community focused churches like Redeemer, will soon be open for training in Oct/Nov 2017.
If you’d like to know more when we open registration, please fill in your name and email address below.