I was sharing this insight with Niky and she thought it was so good, she has asked me to write a blog to share it with you too! I’m calling this 4 - 1. I love sport, so this comes from the world of sport, but I promise I’ll make it short.

My football team are Swansea City. They are in the premiership. Arguably the best league in the world. They shouldn’t really be there, as Swansea is a small city in the west of Wales and not in London, Manchester or Liverpool. Swansea is fab, I lived there during some of my university years.

By the way…if you want to hear the Swansea valley accent maybe attend an Intentional Health programme at a local church, and listen out for the voice-over guy in the animations ;-) Or just imagine Rob Brydon from the television speaking… I digress…

My team are always underdogs, often not expected to win, yet they've stayed in the premiership for over 5 years. This to me is a miracle in itself!! Here’s one of the reason’s why I think that is the case.

They take responsibility for when it goes wrong.

As an example, Swansea went to play at Brighton 2 weeks ago (another good seaside team), where Swansea needed to win. They’d been at the bottom of the league for weeks. In order to win, they changed some things, took a few risks, swopped some players, changed formation.

It didn't go well, they were losing 2 - 0 which led to taking even more risks during the game and finally lost …..4 - 1 :(

The fans were distraught, the players dejected, the momentum of winning was so, so important to them.

After the game, the coach (leader) said something like,

“I take full responsibility for the team. We tried something different, and it didn't work, but what we do know is that we’ve learned something new. We have failed-forward. We now hold power in owning the failure, and through responsibility, we will adapt, grow and be stronger”.

Responsibility is creating and holding an ability to respond.

We often say ‘taking’ responsibility, but really it’s a ‘giving’ word.

By taking responsibility we are giving ourselves the best chance to grow, transform and succeed.

It’s powerful stuff.

Last week Swansea City were up against the mighty Hammers (West Ham United)

And the funny thing is... Swansea won….4 - 1! :) 

As I swan off now (get it!?) I'll leave you with a question...

Where might you be able to take responsibility and give yourself the best chance of success in your life this week?


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