7 Intentional Steps To Doing The Hard Work...


Today I have a significant piece of work to focus on with a short deadline.

It’s not hugely difficult, or super-complicated, but it will require me to concentrate and really apply myself.

This will be made especially hard because I was recently given an amazing gift by a special friend; a new creative bible — one which I can play and journal and paint and doodle in, and I am longing to get stuck into.

I will probably also, at least once today, consider re-organising of my office shelves… as this is almost always a constant temptation!

And if I do muster enough will power to successfully resist that, I’ll probably want to go online, check social media, and research coloured pencils and inks that I might be able to buy to use in said gift.

In fact, left to my own devices, I could do almost anything else, other than apply myself to doing what I need to do today.

That is why I will find today hard work.

Thankfully, although I have already learned this about myself, I have also learned that I can put supports and scaffolding in place to help me be self controlled.

I can get the hard work done by being intentional.

So today I plan to be intentional using 7 steps;

  1. Set a clear goal; – "By the end of the day I will have completed…XY and Z” This ensure’s I have a defined piece of work, with a clear start and finish.
  2. Set a plan the night before; – I will have already broken the task down into subtasks, each with next actions, and will have read them through (last night as you read this!)
  3. Use lists; I’m a list person, so I'll use the subtasks I've already identified to make up a list which I can cross off as I go - That way I get to celebrate some quick wins!
  4. Use a Pomodoro technique; – I'll set myself the challenge of working for 25 minutes without stopping. If I get stuck, tempted or distracted I simply write down my problem or distraction on a piece of scrap paper to explore after my 25 minutes is up.
  5. Unplug; – I'll turn on my ‘do not disturb,' Turn off all notifications, set an ‘out of office’ email, and apply my freedom software. This prevents me from getting distracted by social media, anything online, or any one else’s agenda for the day.
  6. Have an accountable buddy; – My son Sam, has agreed to be my accountable buddy for me today (more on accountable buddies to follow in a future blog).
  7. Take regular breaks; – I will have a 5 minute break which will involve a drink and stretch of legs between each Pomodoro. I’ll also have a longer break for lunch

As a bonus, especially if I get stuck, I may also include a brisk walk for one Pomodoro as this works wonders for getting the brain going again!

This may all sound a lot, but getting this work finished is really important to me, and I don’t have any other time to get it done before the deadline.

Knowing just how important this is, and that it is going to be hard and require so much self control, is exactly why I need to be intentional using these 7 steps.

It may not seem like being intentional about my work is relevant to Intentional Health, but our health is intrinsically connected to everything we do, including stress caused by our work (or lack of it!).

think about it... have you ever experienced any physical, or emotional symptoms from stress? (again, more on this in a future blog)

The principles of being Intentional about our health, can be transferred to all other aspects of our work, family, play, rest, finances, food, faith, activity, relationships and behaviours.

And the good news is the more we learn, practice, support and encourage each other; the less stressful or unhealthy life will be for us all!

Which is why being Intentional about any aspect of our life ultimately helps improve our health and wellbeing!

Right - do not disturb being activated now!

See you next Monday!

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