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According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary "Health" is the condition of being well or free from disease.

So many of us live busy and pressurised lives that is stressed out, fast paced, usually at times involving a convenience or fast food diet. We have little time or opportunities to be physical activity, constantly responding to notifications and we end up falling into bed at night exhausted with not enough hours in the day, only to not get quite enough sleep and start all over again the next day.! We then start the next day waking up feeling exhausted and mindful that yesterdays needs and to do lists are still no where near complete and todays new items haven't even been added yet!

Not exactly the picture of "being well"  we hoped for?

'Free from disease' is also becoming something increasingly elusive as we become more overweight, obese, stressed out, not sleeping, living with anxiety and depression and wondering how everyone else seems to have it all so much more sorted!

Life is busy.

Whilst we might all agree that our health and wellbeing is important, it tends not to be something that typically occupies much of our urgent day to day limited time, energy or resources.

When every day ends up being like I have described above, it rarely seems as urgent to hit the gym, say no to the extra cupcake when you need a sugar boost, and swap the instant burger and chips on the way home for a home made fresh tuna salad. And despite our best intentions to make healthy choices, when it comes down to it, convenience more often takes over.

So how do we actually get from our current stressed out reality to the life we so often hope and dream of ?

Only by being intentional.

Being intentional about our health and wellbeing means recognising what's important for today and in the long term, instead of only responding to the urgent.

If we decide ahead of time to do what we can in making choices towards good health and wellbeing, we enable a life of health, balance, fullness, peace and joy.

I have seen first hand lives transformed by people who have learned how to do this through our Intentional Health programme, understanding that despite the crazy culture around us, we do have a choice about our health and wellbeing.

As we learn to prioritise making important but not always urgent choices today, we are rewarded with a healthier life in the future, and as counter intuitive as it seems right now, also leads to a more fulfilled and peaceful life today.

This blog, from what I personally, and those I've had the privelege of helping have learned along our journeys.

Many of us are not "there" yet, wherever "there" is! but we've been working on this for a while now and have learned so much.

This weekly blog is going to share and further explore some of the ways we can be more intentional about our health and wellbeing, and why I am passionate that everyone should know more about how they can live a life to the full.

If you would like to make some changes and lead a healthier happier life, then here's some starting pointers... but be sure to sign up to intentionally receive each weekly blog going forward.

Be Intentional with your daily choices

"Yes, you said that", I hear you say, "but how?"

Here's a starter for 10 list.

  1. Be clear and realistic about where you want to get to and why - wanting a perfectly straight blond wafer thin hair style when you've been naturally gifted with brown thick curly locks is setting yourself up for disappointment and misery. Better to accept the things we can and cannot change.
  2. Accept that we need to take responsibility - no-one else can fix or make changes for us, and no one else is responsible for our choices.
  3. Learn from others. Remember we don't know what we don't know!
  4. Understand the cultural flow around us - we live in a world where it is far easier not to be healthy than it is to be healthy - current lifestyles and pressures only lead us to poor health.
  5. Don't look around at how others are doing - that's a comparison trap - we end up comparing our bloopers to others highlights, that is never healthy.
  6. Be kind to yourself - don't be overly critical of failure - accept and work out what you have learned and how you can avoid failure next time.
  7. Understand our own weaknesses, tendencies and limitations - where are you going to find it most difficult? What will the barriers be to making changes? - Planning for these ahead of time is key!
  8. Who will support and encourage you on the tough days? don't try and go it alone - get people around to help you encourage and inspire you to keep going.
  9. How will you celebrate your successes? - Celebrations along the way are needed to keep you motivated when you want to quit.
  10. What will you put in place to stay in that place when we get there, recognising the flow of life will try and pull us back to where we are now.

Deciding which next actions to take first and focusing on one step at a time is the topic of next weeks blog.

Every Monday we'll explore more of these and other ways to inspire you to be more intentional about your health and wellbeing,

where you are able to manage daily challenges and stresses with a sense of ease, peace, calm and strength, and live a long and healthy life in the future.

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