Fruitful Focus


This week my husband bought me an Arabica coffee plant. Traditionally I’m not that great with plants but I do try, and I really appreciate that he believes in me enough to not kill it in 5 minutes flat! I hope that I’ll be able look after the plant well enough to one day enable it to produce a bean or two. After he gave it to me I started thinking about the fruit; what the beans might look like, how I’ll feel when the buds appear and what I could do with the beans once the fruit arrives!

However, after a quick google search, I found out that this process can take 4-5 years!

Then I thought if I spent the next 4-5 years focusing just on the fruit (or results), rather than the daily steps of care and attention (or process) along the way, I am highly likely to wake up one day only to have a very sick or dead plant!

And the same is true of many other areas of our lives.

When I have contemplated reaching a goal or making any change in the past, I've probably focused on 3 areas;

  1. Where it might go wrong, usually based on past experiences,
  2. The end goal, or
  3. The small steps along the way

I've learnt that thinking too much about getting it wrong or previous failings, or indeed on the end results, instead of just focusing on the next step can be debilitating or lead me towards a self fulfilling prophecy.

If, in this case, I focus on creating healthier daily habits like watering and feeding the plant, giving it enough warmth and light and occasionally some extra food, google says the plant could eventually flower, produce fruit and keep producing fruit for 50-60 years (and if google says - it must be true!)

The process for us to live a healthy lifestyle in the widest sense is exactly the same.

To see fruit or success, we need to create habits of process - showing up every day, not every now and then

We need to focus on making small wise steps and choices every day, not every now and then, even when we can’t see any immediate differences or fruit!

If we want great…

  • physical health; take time to eat well every day and move regularly
  • mental health; taking time to pause, learn and be thankful everyday
  • emotional health and relationships; stay present and connected in community with others everyday
  • spiritual health; spend regular time in prayer and devotion everyday
  • exam results; do the homework as it’s set – don’t cram everything last minute (with my 2 teenage boys doing GCSE’s, this is becoming very relevant!)

In fact, this principle applies to pretty much any aspect of our lives including, finishing a book, losing weight, clearing the attic or growing a successful business.

Tomorrows fruit is a result of today’s habits and choices.

So this week, why not be intentional and think about one aspect of your life that you could focus on the process, not results.

Show up every day, and one day – to your great surprise, there will be fruit waiting for you!

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