Intentional Health Celebrations!


At Intentional Health, we believe it is really important to celebrate milestones along any journey, especially to help encourage and motivate movement in an intended direction. This applies whether your journey is health, work, financial, family or mission orientated!  On Saturday, we held our very first Intentional Health Conference in The Exchange, Wadebridge, Cornwall. This was a significant milestone in our growing organisation as we took time to reflect and celebrate where we had come from, and point again to where we believe we are heading.

As a small organisation with a passion to inspire healthier choices in people and communities all over the nation, and based on our own Christian values, we took the day to introduce new and revised content to our 10 session programme. The new content includes how alcohol affects our health and wellbeing and a specific section on our choices regarding spiritual health and wellbeing.  

When it comes to spiritual health, we recognise and respect that many people reading this blog may not understand or agree with our beliefs from a Christian point of view, so we pray that you will afford us that same respect back as we share some of the moments and celebrate something of significant importance to us.

We were so delighted to bring together many of the church volunteers, who are already partnering with us, for a time of praise and worship, and to celebrate stories of individual life transformations, including a story of an individual coming into a personal relationship with Jesus!

Everyone who spoke brought something significant to the story, that added up to way more than the sum of our parts.

We were particularly encouraged by Adam Dyer, from the Cinnamon Network, who talked about finding our identity, and reminded us about the importance of being a charity that is different to others. What he was referring to is that we don't respond to emergencies and deal with symptoms in the way many traditional charities might: at Intentional Health, we are tackling the root causes that can lead to emergencies in the first place!

We were also encouraged by our new chairman, Peter, that as a former trustee and subsequent chairman of Christians Against Poverty for a number of years, that their first conference looked very similar to ours, and look at the impact CAP is having now in both the prevention and acute end of debt and poverty.

Peter also reflected back on starting out on his own journey with CAP all those years earlier . He suggested that the best way to help and get involved with Intentional Health early on, might be to become an Intentional Health Angel, because he learned through CAP that where your treasure is, there your heart is also.

We were humbled again by hearing from Vanessa as her story continues, and also from all the amazing coaches who were able to connect and share stories with us as well as each other! what a day to celebrate! 

Thank you to all of those who took part in some way, who travelled to be with us, and who encouraged us no end to keep moving in our intended direction!

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