Our Dishwasher is Broken


As I have been away this week, Gareth, (AKA - the legendary voice behind all the Intentional Health animations!) Kindly offered to write this weeks post! Enjoy!

Photo Credit :Catt Liu

Mid-November 2017

“Oh disaster, upon disaster!" The one kitchen item that is so critical to the flow of our family life; the single appliance that can make or break business continuity in our family unit of millennials, technology geeks and sport-jocks - has become no more, and kicked the proverbial bucket!

And then at that moment, the realisation came as the four of us stood in the kitchen ashen-faced, gawping at each other in silence, “no dishwasher! and Christmas is coming?!  “Arghhhhhhhhhhh!”

All those dishes... it was about this point that flight kicked-in over fight… “Maybe we could leave the country?”... “We could go to my mothers?” … “We will need to sell up!”... “Somebody call IKEA, they'll know what to do!” Even Marlon our dog was standing by the front door with lead in mouth ready to depart.

And then Dad pipes up in Corporal Jones style … (fans of Dad's Army will understand)….. “Don't panic, don't panic!… I got an idea! Let's just do the dishes ourselves over Christmas!”

At first stunned silence.

Then the look of three individuals reminiscent of the minion movie where both shock ‘and’ confusion takes over the face;

…and then agreement.

(By the way for those into health psychology, this all forms normal parts of the stages of change).

And so we bought washing up liquid, new dishcloths and we made a pact that we would team up; all four of us: mum, dad, two teenage boys; and wash-up together, every single day through Christmas.

Mid-January 2018

We have decided that Ecover the most effective and environment-friendly liquid…. Just saying (though other environmentally friendly brands are available) and our dishwasher is still broken but we are all the more connected.

Don't get me wrong, we already enjoyed conversations around the table as part of our daily culture, we believe wholly in family time….but our conversations went deeper, they were extended, more time led to discussions about school, filmmaking experiments, about mum’s next work presentation, about Dad’s continued success in fantasy football (ahem), about faith, about politics, about the environment, and our health.

We played the ‘guess-who’ game loads, despite Mum’s frustration that most of the answers were Star Wars characters and even the dog joined in as we danced to pumping tunes whilst discussing and playing music, as the washing and drying took place. We had great fun and made some wonderful, lifelong memories.

Three takeaway's

  1. Broken things are just barriers to stimulate different thinking, and potentially allow for a whole new direction
  2. We are not meant to be over-reliant on things, but relational with each other, it’s a spirit thing as much as anything
  3. Doing a job well, and in 'team', feels great, and a healthy active work ethic is good for us.

Intentional Health is about change and stepping towards a healthier me in community, like being part of a washing up team….

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Feel Like Giving Up?


Photo Credit :Lucy Trevatt

As we approach the January halfway point, I wonder how your new year resolutions, disciplines or goals are going? Are you making progress and celebrating your success along the way, or perhaps the novelty is beginning to wear thin and any changes are feeling hard? Have you been tempted to give up yet? If so, we want to encourage you today.  

Although making changes in life sounds relatively simple in theory:  ‘you stop/start doing something new’, in reality, and in practice, it is actually quite hard!

We are hard-wired to be efficient, to stay safe and to conserve energy.   Making change requires a lot of willpower, risk and effort.

Making changes to any existing habits, disciplines or routines, is not easy, but here are 3 things that might help in reaching goals or adopting new disciplines or resolutions for this year.

1 - Remember your ‘why’

Ask yourself “Why did I(start/stop/fill in the blank) in the first place?

Rarely does anyone attempt to make change lightly. It is usually only after something becomes so unbearable, or something else becomes so compelling, that we feel change is necessary.

Once we begin to make changes in the new and improved direction, the ‘unbearable’ can quickly become a distant memory, yet the ‘compelling’ still remains a long way off, despite all our efforts. It is then that it is often much easier to settle back into old routines and comfortable, safe old habits.

Going back to remind ourselves why we wanted to make any changes in the first place, can really help keep us motivated during this time, especially until the new behaviour becomes an unconscious habit.

2 - Create an environment of reminders

Once we have established our motives for change, putting meaningful reminders front and centre of our everyday activities is really important.

Things like; putting pictures of what ‘success’ might look like on our bathroom mirror to look at while teeth brushing, writing encouraging notes and sticking them on the fridge and make tally charts or scorecards to record every time we make small steps in the right direction, can all help.

Sharing our successes with others or inviting others to ask how we are getting on when we next see them can also help keep us accountable.

3 - Accept failure when it happens

Perfection is an illusion. Failure is inevitable, and never more so than if we have set ourselves the “perfect” picture of how we will change or how easy it might be.

If we chose to humble ourselves and accept that a degree of failure as a likely option, we can be intentional in exploring and creating a plan for how we will overcome those obstacles before we are faced with the potential reality.

If we aim for perfection, we don’t accept failure as an option, and it will be much harder to start (and therefore put ourselves at risk of failure) to achieve our goals in the first place, and we are more likely to give up altogether.

So this week, if you feel like giving up, please remember why you started, put reminders of that on your fridge, and when you mess up, remember that success only comes after you get up one more time than you failed! 

Keep pressing on and don’t give up!

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Good or Bad Habits?


It's fair to say, we've got into a habit of posting blogs every Monday morning for almost a year now! Some of you will think that's a good habit, and some maybe not! But we keep doing it because we love hearing back from those of you who take the time to let us know the difference these blogs make (you know who you are!)  Thank you SO much! :) - Some of you even get a mention in our webinars ... so always worth checking out the replays!

Recently, Tom, Gareth & I have been trying a new habit of live webinars - which have been a steep learning curve but lots of fun! I know for some of you, the thought of a webinar - with technology sounds scary, but trust me, it's much scarier being on the producing front end of the camera!

If you are a little nervous about the unknown, please don't worry, you literally just need to be able to register by entering your name and email address, and then we'll send you a link, which you just click and watch ...

If you've been thinking about joining us then please have a go this week!

Last week we explored how limited our willpower is, especially when relying on it to help our "future-self" make wise choices, and instead explored how we might be better off using willpower today and creating healthy habits instead. You can watch the replay simply by clicking here.

We also talked in the webinar about using willpower to create habits, so habits will be the focus of the next couple of webinars.

First, we are looking at what are 'good' and 'bad' habits, how they work and how understanding this is helpful.

Then we will explore how understanding all of this can really help us change any 'bad' habits.

We'll be working through a worksheet through the webinar, which we can send you to download and print off here.

Sign up for this week's webinar (1st June 2017 19:30 BST) by clicking this link and we'll look forward to seeing you then!

Niky & Team


Want more willpower?


I couldn't resist on Wednesday... I just "found" myself paying for the 300gm bar of chocolate slipping innocently into my shopping bag at the checkout whilst pretending to have no idea how it got there!

When I say, "I have no idea" ... I know exactly why I couldn't resist.

I went shopping on an empty stomach, tired and had no willpower left to resist the temptation.

I have noticed that there are certain circumstances that lead me to be more vulnerable. These are usually when I'm tired, hungry or if I've had an exhausting day making lots of choices.

To my surprise, after I succumbed this time, I thought for a minute about when the last time was that I hadn't managed to recruit sufficient resilience to buy a bar of chocolate in the shop, and I realised it was longer than I could remember.

I noticed that I had actually been far more effective in using my willpower over the past few years, and am now using my willpower to only eat one or two squares at a time... which I intend to thoroughly enjoy, and I have managed to resist so far!

At the request of over 60% of people who filled in our recent survey, Willpower is going to be the topic of this week's FREE 30-minute webinar.

If you want to know more about how to have more willpower, how to learn how to use the willpower you do have more effectively then please sign up to join us by registering here. Wednesday 24th May 2017 19:30 (BST)

If you can't make it live, please sign up in order to get the link to the replay.

Please share this with anyone else who you think might also want more willpower too!

See you at the Webinar!