Intentional Health Survey


I am always still blown away by the frequent encouraging emails and people who come up to me and say how much this blog helps or impacts them, and how much they look forward to Mondays! Thank you!

I wouldn't still be writing this if it wasn't helpful or being read, so thank you for being part of such a great group :)

To better serve you, I'd love to take this opportunity to invite you, as one of our faithful readers, to fill out a very short survey about what you would like to be covered.

You can do that by clicking here

I am also growing the team at the moment and on the lookout for a few new guest bloggers - if you would like to feature, please do get email

We continue our webinar series this week with our "managing stress and worry-time" webinar

on Saturday 13th May at 5 pm (BST),

Register for our How to Intentionally manage Worrying webinar by clicking here

If you know you can't make it live, you can still register to receive the replay!

Please share this with those friends of yours who are always worrying! you could transform their lives!!

This week I will have a stand at the National ELIM conference, - please come and say hello if you are attending, and I'll see you on

I look forward to reading your survey thoughts, and I'll see you on Saturday 13th May at 5 pm for our next webinar!

Til next time,

Niky & team