Everything in moderation?


Photo Credit:Scott Webb

Ok, so not everything might be good in moderation, but taking a break and not being obsessive or extreme about our health might be healthy once in a while!

August is a traditional time for holidays, and holidays can traditionally mean good food, wine, lazing around and re-connecting with friends and family.  Any healthy eating and drinking, routines and making time for exercise can easily go out of the window. If we are not careful, we can end up feeling guilty and ashamed for overindulging- which can lead to comfort eating and a negative spiral of healthy habits later on.

Here at Intentional Health, we see holidays as a healthy break from the "norm" that can help us be more intentional later.

By enjoying some holiday foods and relaxation, especially if it is combined with extended times reconnecting with family and friends, we can really appreciate and enjoy the "treats". If we don't have Cornish pasties, fish and chips and ice-cream every day, then why not intentionally enjoy them on a trip to the sea-side? After all, they taste so much better there!

We don't need to over-indulge to appreciate them, and we may realise that these treats, which may have previously made up a large part of our staple diet, are not part of our norm anymore. If that's you, make sure take a moment to appreciate just how far you have come on your journey!

Being intentional about a holiday might just mean that before you go, you put a date in your diary to reflect on which healthy habits or behaviours you might like to focus on and revisit when you get back.

Til next time,

Niky & Team