Niky is in bed with the flu. It is teaching her a valuable lesson. Sometimes you can be applying the most intentional, proactive and goal orientated approach to your personal health or any other aspect of your life...and then you get the flu!

It wasn’t forecasted, she didn’t plan for it, nor has she built the necessary scaffolding around it…. the flu just arrived and sent her to bed. She now has to stop everything and allow her body to recover.

It’s sooooo frustrating! (for those who know her, you will understand). She’s a natural rescuer, a natural helper …and now she’s the helpless one.

The lesson is … there are some things we just can't control and it’s then that we have to stop, to seek shelter and rest in faith….and allow time to heal and allow others to be there for us.

As we know, the flu can come in many shapes and sizes.

For some it’s a far more critical health problem than the flu, for others it’s a un-predicted relationship break or a change in our work or home life that came from nowhere, and for others, it can be all of the above.

It’s at that moment that you put the anchor down, seek shelter, rest and receive help from others.

Eventually, the flu will go and she will set sail again, with the new knowledge that she is fallible and there is strength in accepting fallibility.

Hopefully, service will resume as normal next week. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

photo credit :elizabeth lies

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