Going with the flow


Are you making healthy choices in your health and wellbeing habits? or is there room for a few improvements or changes? There are various behaviour change models that can help explain how ready we are to make changes, but today we’re exploring what it is that can get us started in making changes in the first place?

Do we wake up one morning and decide today’s the day to make healthier choices, do we wait for January 1st or do we wait for a health crisis that means we suddenly have to make healthier choices or be faced with the consequences we might not have been quite prepared for? For many of us making a change is often hard, and doing nothing seems much easier – but did you realise…

 choosing not to choose is still a choice?

In today’s western culture it is relatively easy to make healthy choices, but it’s even easier not to.

By putting off making a conscious change today, because of a lack of motivation, because we don’t know where to start, or because we don’t have the support and structures in place to support habitual change, are all valid reasons. But it will also probably mean we will end up going with the flow – which is also fine, if you are happy with where the flow is taking you.

By going with the flow we are probably taking advantage of technology and gadgets, time saving devices and ready-made foods, all designed to save us time, work and energy. But consider this; whilst these may be convenient right now, they may cost years of life later on.

Going with the flow is usually the easy or default option. This means making changes requires our current situation to become so bad we can’t stay here, or the potential future to become so compelling we can’t resist going.

Sadly, when it comes to almost every dimension of our health and wellbeing, the potential future will be more elusive than compelling.

This is because something that appears to be more urgent will always demand or distract our attention, time and energy.  And it’s only after sustained changes do we eventually see cumulative results or consequences of our important efforts.

If you are thinking about making changes, one of the best things you can do is try and recognise where you are today?
– and decide if you are happy there.  And if not, decide where you would like to be.

Take some time to think about what is the first or next thing you can do to take you one step further along your journey. Don’t set yourself up to fail by trying to change everything at once, remember that it is important sustained choices that makes the difference, and simply focus on one step at a time.

And if you are going to make any changes, be intentional about recruiting an accountable buddy or friend to help provide some immediate support and encouragement along the way.

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