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I’m honoured to be asked to write a guest blog post for Intentional Health. I should also say I’m honoured to be married to Niky, so I couldn’t really say “no” … but here goes;

Let’s talk about Hills

(you may want to try a welsh accent for effect as you read this blog).

I was brought up in the Welsh valleys… and boy we have a lot of hills!!  Hills everywhere. From age 4 to 21 years I don't think I ever walked on any flat land; it was either up-a-hill, or up-a-hill, and if you went down-hill you could guarantee there’d be an up-a-hill to come.  Even the house in which I grew up was on a hill, I think I was quite cross about this for many years.

In those days you had to walk every where and these hills were steep! it was hard work!

Eventually at the age of 13, I decided I’d had enough!! I went on hill-strike!! That was it! I wasn't going to climb any more hills.

Now this was not a very realistic strike but I really was done with hills! I even made a sign…. 

“DOWN with HILLS!”.

Ok, the strike lasted only 2 days, yet in that time I learned a big lesson, in fact one of the most valuable lessons of my life, a lesson that came back to me very recently at a leadership conference.

Whilst on my teenage ‘END ALL HILLS’ protest a wise older neighbour asked me if ‘I was going play rugby this weekend?’

I loved rugby… I was getting good at it as well!

I said defiantly, and a little sadly, ‘“no”…..”the rugby pitch is up a hill and I’m on hill strike!”

My neighbour laughed and said;

“anything worth while is up-hill”

It stuck with me. It really, really, really stuck with me.

So what’s that got to do with Intentional Health?

This weekend (October 2016) I was blessed to attend the Global Leadership Summit.

New York times best seller John Maxwell stood up to speak, his topic was based on his new book Intentional Living . Half way through his talk he said something very profound….

“anything worth while is up hill”

that is;

“if it is precious, if it is important, if it is beautiful, if it is healthy, it is up hill”.

he went on to say…

“people have up hill hopes but sadly down hill habits. And the only way to break a down hill habit is to be intentional”.

So to conclude, we live in a world where more people live unfulfilled lives in poor health as a result of negative lifestyle choices than ever before.

Yet to have a fulfilled, healthy life is worthwhile.

and, “Anything worthwhile is up hill”.

We know up-hill takes effort, however thanks to the principle of intentionality, up hills can be broken into small well planned and staged goals.

Amazingly, it is possible to move downhill habits to profitable, picturesque and worthwhile up hill journeys by being Intentional about your health…..

…actually the principle is also transferable in business, in relationships, in your faith life and so much more.

So today, which hills are you trying to intentionally overcome or trying to strike from?

And as usual, if you’ve found a way that helps you be more active we'd love to hear about it! – please share it by emailing here.

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