Hare or Tortoise?


hare and tortoise - Exhale Foundation Image  

It all started so well!

I thought healthy thoughts, hung out with healthy friends, made healthy eating choices, and made the most of every opportunity to get active and out in the healthy fresh air – Every aspect of life was healthy - and it felt great – a life in all its fullness!

But then...

… life happened; the weather changed, I had to stay late at work, the chocolate called my name, the sofa drew me in, the friends bought wine and snacks round… and before I knew it, the comfy slippers and take away routine once again replaced the healthy habits and activity.

Since being more Intentional about my health, I have learned where I was going wrong;

I was trying to do everything at once

I had forgotten that life is a journey. Ever heard of the story of the hare and the tortoise?

Although there will be some who can do everything at once and sustain it, for most of us doing one thing at a time,  slow and steady, is what wins the race when it comes to our health and wellbeing.

Whether your one thing is; being more active, practicing gratitude, praying or meditating more or even eating more fruit and veg, focusing on ‘one’ aspect, habit or discipline at a time is what is most likely to succeed in enabling a more sustained healthy and happy lifestyle.

For me, focusing first on ditching the sugar in tea (I actually cut down on the number of cups of tea with sugar in first!), before then moving to eating one piece of fruit at breakfast every day was really helpful. Trying to cut out sugar and eat more fresh fruit and veg all at once had resulted in a few days of success followed by total relapse on more than one occasion!

It wasn’t until that was repeatedly practiced ‘drinking tea without sugar' and then ‘breakfast with fruit’  until they each became "normal" that I then began to get more active by introducing a physical activity routine. Building on the now already embedded healthier eating habits.

Now I find most of those things I started with years ago are “normal” subconscious habits.  I also find it much easier to practice the discipline of slow and steady in so many other area’s of life, but intentionally focus on one step at a time.

If you’ve never thought about living a healthier happier life, then maybe your first thing could be to give some thought to that during the coming week. If you’ve tried in the past were you trying like a hare or a tortoise? – honestly ask yourself – do you want to go off well but crash and burn out, or is the long term slow and steady and overall result more important?

If you have a spare minute or two and want to take one step today or could benefit from some inspiration, it would be great if you could fill out our short survey  below to let us know what aspects of health and being well you may be considering addressing first, so we can create content accordingly.

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Till next week – when we are looking at the dangers of the comparison trap!