Intentional Health - Why?


Last week I shared Vanessa's story, a post about why we do Intentional Health. This week I've been asking myself why am I not more self-controlled, especially about doing things I know will benefit me in the long run.

  • Why do I take the lift instead of the stairs?
  • Why do I say no to leaving the duvet early, and miss the opportunity of a morning quiet time or exercise?
  • Why do I say yes to one more of those tasty treats, and wonder why my jeans don't do up?
  • Why do I say "yes" when I really mean "no"?
  • Why do I speak when I want to be quiet?
  • Why do I do nothing, when I "know in my knower"  there is something I could do?
  • Why do I listen to the lies that a 'fear of failure' tells me; that I can't make a difference?
  • Why do I try to run before I can walk, instead of taking one step at a time?
  • Why do I struggle with FOMO (fear of missing out)?
  • Why do I struggle with self-control?
  • Why do I let myself believe that I will do 'it' later, or tomorrow, when there is no guarantee of a 'later' or 'tomorrow'?

Not choosing, is still a choice.  It is usually the easiest option 'in the moment', but can be the most costly in the future.

Not choosing, is still a choice.  It is usually the easiest option in this moment, but it can be the most costly in the future.

Being intentional about our choices can help us overcome our why and not get paralyzed by the many choices around us. It helps us to not make excuses about the many reasons not to, and instead focus on one thing at a time; show up every day; and pursue a simple, self-controlled, healthy and happy, life to the full.

Even though I knew the benefits of exercise equate to the equivalent of taking a super pill, with no side effects I chose to make excuses to not do it.  'In the moment' it was never my easy or preferred option! It required me to intentionally push myself way outside of my place of comfort, usually the duvet!

But as I got more intentional, I chose to set my gym clothes out the night before. I found I enjoyed exercise and it wasn't long before I really saw and felt the benefits. This, in turn, motivated me to keep going! I quickly got into a habit and would go to the gym three times a week.

Over the summer, however, we were away a lot and I got a shoulder injury which scuppered my trips to the gym.

My early morning gym habits were replaced with 5 more minutes under the duvet... maybe you know where I'm heading?

Last week I finally chose to admit that I was slipping into old habits way quicker than they had been created!

I noticed I'd not been sending my usual pictures to my accountable buddies Phil and Jo, even though they'd been sending me theirs. I chose to intentionally share an idea I had about creating a habit of walking in the morning and my husband said he'd love to join me.

We motivated and encouraged each other and have been blessed with some beautiful sunrises as we walk along the Camel Trail in Cornwall (as the unfiltered picture above shows). We have also had some great quality time to catch up with each other too! Happy days!

The shoes are out ready for the morning and as you are reading this, we'll be on the trail! Before we know it, our intentional choices will lead us to a new habit of self-control.

Intentional habits of self-control are why we don't take the lift when there are stairs and can say no to the call of the duvet.

What one thing can you choose to do today that will move you one step towards the life you really long for?

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