New Year Resolution Quiz


Happy New Year all! As mentioned in the pre-Christmas blog post, I'm inviting you to share your intentions and resolutions for 2017 in our New Year Quiz.

Here's a little tip if you are serious about New Year intentions, goals or resolutions...

Writing down your intentions, goals or resolutions makes you much more likely to succeed at them...

Second to that, sharing them with an accountable buddy can further improve your success!

So answering this quiz could help you be more intentional in matters that are important to you, and will really help us create meaningful topics for future posts and webinars = win-win!

Thanks to those of you who have already sent in ideas!

I especially love Karen's suggestion about how to use humour as a coping mechanism for stressful times (I might even ask Gareth to write a post on that one as he's some thing of an expert when it comes to humour ;))

I know I've learned that not taking myself too seriously at times means I remain more peaceful, joyful and cheerful - and while it's not always easy, it is incredibly liberating and hugely benefits my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

The quiz is only one question long (because we're all better at focusing on one step at a time) but you can email or include as many suggestions as you want. It's also anonymous, but feel free to add your name and email address in your answer - especially if you'd like some accountability!

I can't promise to respond to everyone, but I'll endeavour to answer the most common requests, and really appreciate your time and sharing ...

Til next Monday, praying for a healthy, happy and intentional 2017!