Working from Rest


Another more personal blog again this week, about rest... I am writing this blog on Tuesday 17th April.

Last night I delivered our coach family devotional - this is a monthly 30-minute webinar that all of the Intentional Health coaches and volunteers can be part of if they want. During these sessions, we explore some of the Intentional Health programme content and remind ourselves that we are part of something bigger.

Most importantly for us - because we are faith-based but not biased and believe God has invited us into His plan - We also use this time to share what we feel He is saying to us, both individually, and corporately.

Yesterday's particular session was all about the importance of rest - using the scripture Matthew 11: 28-30 as a starting point - Many of our readers will know it well.

During the session, Gareth and I explored how we aim to create a healthy rhythm of working out of rest, rather than rest as recovery from our work.

I explained how for us here at Intentional Health right now, we happen to be in a season in the fast lane, where it isn't easy to rest - there is just so much to do, and only a few hands to do it!

Whether you believe in God or not, you'll probably agree that rest is something that as a society we can often struggle with.

Our world is filled with hustle and bustle.  We reward busyness as if always working, striving, and achieving were the true marks of a life well-lived.  We elevate those who have given everything to gain success. To be tired is to be weak. To be in need is to fail. To rest instead of work is to be lazy or selfish. We can become focused on ourselves, thinking that unless we work ourselves to the bone, nothing of value will be accomplished. I was encouraged to read an article last week that suggests this culture might be starting to change in the workplace, but I suspect this won't be the norm for a very long time!

Personally, I recognise that I am naturally more of a 'human-do-er' rather than a human being, and confess that I also find that it isn't easy to stop and rest when I am so blessed and get to do something I really love every day!

So after the session last night, I pretty much went straight to bed, reflecting on what we'd just been talking about, and to try and rest.

I noticed that this rest felt more like I was in recovery mode, in response to a great - but busy week, rather than a rest to help me bring my best self and work into the next day.

When I woke this morning - I realised that I have been guilty of talking more about rest than I have been practising resting!

So, (prepare yourself!)  I made the decision to write this blog post today (Tuesday) and schedule it for Monday week (probably when you are reading it now) and to let you know that I am going to take a few weeks resting from our weekly blog, at least until after my Windsor trip.

That way, I can have a season of rest, and so can you from reading this!

A few people have previously mentioned they could write something for our Monday blog- and if they do, we can easily schedule that whilst I'm away, but I'm making this commitment to rest because it's right for me now, and because, as far as it possible for me, I want to always work from a place of rest, rather than because others can 'hold the fort'.

And as I begin to practice what I'm preaching, I hope that I may also inspire you to lay something down too - even something small for a short season?

When I return in a few weeks, I hope and expect to be able to bring my very best work from a restored rhythm of 'working from a place of rest' again :)

Thanks for your understanding. Niky :)

Photo Credit: Ilham Rahmansyah

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