We did it!


Just over a year ago we intentionally set out to write a blog post every week, gain a few hundred email subscribers and deliver a series of 20 webinars, largely using the content from our 10 session Intentional Health programme. This past week we completed our 20 webinars and have been consistently blogging for well over a year already!

That's all great - and we have learned an awful lot - particularly, about how it looks so easy! BUT... that's not the best bit!

The best bit for us is when you email, message or chat with us and tell us about how the content we share is helping you be more intentional about your own health and wellbeing!

You see; 3 out of 4 of us are likely to experience some form of lifestyle disease that results in disability or premature death.

We live in a culture where it is far easier to be unhealthy than healthy.

Lifestyle disease occurs because of the cumulative consequences of the simple but silent, yet often harmful, choices we make every day. We make many of these without realising and are therefore completely unaware of any long-term consequences.

That's why we can all benefit from being intentional about our health and wellbeing.

Whether you are interested in balanced diet, physical activity, or exploring thoughts and feelings, we hope our webinars give you a starting point - to help you on your journey to being more intentional about your health and wellbeing.

You can download a free worksheet with links to watch any of the replays by clicking here.

One of the areas we also need to be intentional about is making sure we rest well.

By the time this post goes out, I'll be on a family holiday in the sunshine!

I hope you take the time to rest, to watch any of the replays, to avoid lifestyle disease and do one thing to be more intentional about your health and wellbeing this week.

Til Next time, Niky & team.