New Beginnings


This past weekend we've been celebrating Easter! For many, Easter is a time of Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs.  For us, the reason for Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  This year, we've managed to combine the two and been blessed to celebrate Easter with friends in style, - who also happen to have the cutest bunnies!

Last summer, we were very intentional and booked cheap flights, which meant on Friday we flew "up north" for the long-awaited weekend (I've just nipped out for a brief moment to write this blog!).

So far, we've enjoyed relaxed times of walking, rest, reflection, rich conversation, church fellowship, log burners, kids laughter, sport, shopping, bunnies - oh - and feasting on plenty of food - including Easter eggs - which were well especially well received after giving up chocolate for Lent!

We've not been constrained by time, the kids have played until they've dropped and we're enjoying every minute. Our conversations have included how we are so thankful for our family, friends and faith, for good health, healthy rhythms, healthy relationships and new beginnings.

This week, I'd like to suggest how good it is to remember that new beginnings don't just happen on Jan 1st!

New beginnings happen as winter turns to spring, one month rolls into the next and night turns to day.

We can be grateful for new seasons, times to start again, let go of the past and resurrect dreams.

New beginnings are also a great time to plan to be more intentional about anything.

For my husband, Gareth and I, we've decided when we get home, we are going to be intentional about getting back into our previous rhythm of early morning walks. We will no doubt continue many of our rich conversations, strengthen our relationship, all whilst starting the day with some active riverside walking as the sun rises a for a new day over our beautiful county.

So I'll finish today by asking what could you be more intentional about in this new season?

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