Holidays & Burnout


Having been hugely blessed by a week paid for and with family in the Portuguese sunshine, I realised just how much I benefit from an Intentional Rest.

I also recognised again how easily burnout could become a real issue.

You see, burnout isn't something you see coming - it silently creeps up on you, until one day, it renders you feeling helpless, disillusioned and completely exhausted.  Just like many of the other lifestyle diseases we regularly refer to!

Before you take a deep breath, please don't worry! I wasn't anywhere near that point of no return, but intentionally taking a step back and resting I can see habits that have crept in that would slowly and surely be pointing me in that general direction. Habits such as working late, not switching off, not being fully present or available for family and friends and wanting to spend too much time on my laptop (I love my laptop - for both work and play!) 

Unhelpful habits such as;

  • Working late or long hours
  • Not properly switching off or relaxing
  • Eating at my desk or on the run
  • Not being fully present or available for family and friends
  • Wanting to spend too much time on my laptop (I love my laptop - for both work and play!) 

But getting away from the tech for a week made me appreciated just how tired I actually was - without really realising it. 

If I'm honest, I was a little unsure about going away to start with,  but what surprised me the most was how quickly and how much I appreciated the quiet and time to zone out.

A dear friend and one of the Intentional Health team had been thoughtful and sent me a colour-in postcard to relax and unwind. You can see what I did in the image above - and I loved creating it! There is no doubt that having a supportive team, who both encouraged me to go away 'laptop free' and really forget all about work for the week, and who also who demonstrated they were more than capable of running the show without me, was a huge undeserved blessing - a real dose of Grace!  (Thank you, team! ;-)

Why not be intentional this summer about some or all of these Helpful habits too;

  • Eat well
  • Sleep
  • Relax & unwind
  • Exercise
  • Connect with others and
  • Take a few short or even extended breaks.

I highly recommend it, and so does our team ;-) 

Next week we'll be at the Creationfest! - Do come and say hello if you are in Cornwall!

Balanced Life or Burnout?


There is one thing for certain...

We can't have a healthy balanced life and Burnout at the same time.

If we live a healthy balanced life, get sufficient rest and sleep; we avoid burnout.

If we live an unbalanced, unhealthy life, we are heading in the direction of burnout.

None of us wants to live a life that ends up being sick, exhausted and burnt out, but many of us are regularly, unknowingly, making decisions that mean we are heading in that direction.

This week we are hosting 2 FREE 30 minute webinars to explore these areas.

In our first webinar, we are exploring why we burn out and what prevents us from investing in ourselves. We also have a free worksheet to share that helps you with a little self-reflection and identify how at risk you might be of burning out.

Our second webinar will be sharing what we need and how to get a good nights sleep, as well as what difference sleep makes to our health and wellbeing.

1. Balance & Burnout

Join us for our first 30 minute Balance & Burnout webinar this evening 19:30 (BST) using this link: https://app.webinarjam.net/register/35515/970be0a670

(or register now, and we'll send you the replay to watch at your convenience if you can't attend in person tonight)

2. Sleep and Rest.

Join us for our second 30-minute Rest & Sleep webinar on Thursday evening 19:30 (BST) using this link: https://app.webinarjam.net/register/35515/b5e13ddc1c

In all of our webinars, we work through a free accompanying worksheet. If you would like to download these before the webinar you can do that here.

Click here to download the Balance & Burnout worksheet

If you have problems sleeping, we will have a worksheet to help you too and will share the link for this later in the week. Be sure to register for the sleep webinar if you are interested in this worksheet.


See you in the webinars?

Niky, Gareth, Tom & team