Facts are our friends...

The "Churchill War Rooms" was one of the sights we managed to visit after we received a second very generous gift of a cottage holiday this half term, that included a day trip to London. Whilst learning all about Churchill's life and leadership, I was struck by this "Churchill Saying" on one of the walls.

"The great thing is to get the true picture, whatever it is"

This reminded me of something we talk about in the very first session of Intentional Health. Many people arrive for the first of the ten-session programme and see a set of weighing scales. They become anxious about having to be weighed, and the coach reassures them that it is NOT a compulsory activity, after all, Intentional Health is all about empowering choice!

The first session explores how we may all be a little fearful of what the scales might say, probably because of the embarrassment and shame that the world places on us.

Knowing what the scales report doesn't change the truth, it simply presents us with the true picture; the facts.

The session goes on to explore how "facts are our friends" - because they give us an opportunity to honestly and objectively face our true picture. Only then can we make an informed choice as to whether we are happy with that truth, and if we are not, we can decide to make some changes.

Exploring these facts as part of Intentional health’s loving, supportive and encouraging communities, can bring freedom and a life of wholeness. That is why I love it when I see and hear that those same people who came in fearful, are literally queuing up at the end of the session to learn and embrace the facts. These are the brave ones who are then empowered to make changes and live a life of freedom and hope!

Choosing to continue without all of the facts, means we continue on obliviously making choices based on half-truths, or worse, choosing to not choose and bury our heads in the sand. This is almost always the easiest option in the present term. And while this might make us feel better for a short while; choosing 'not to choose', burying our heads in the sand, ignoring the facts or making uninformed choices, simply doesn’t win the war over the enemy of shame and poor health choices. That is why we agree with Churchill on this and say that "facts are our friends".

Till next week, where might you be more intentional about finding out your true picture?

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