Are you GROW-ing?


I was a little surprised to find myself the subject of an Intentional Health blog last week. I was even more surprised to find that on reading Niky’s blog she’d noticed I’d not been growing around the waistline, but I’d been intentional about my health, and apparently practising a number of habits that are critical to changing my behaviour.

This was largely a result of a different kind of 'growing' conversation I had with myself in December that went something like this…


I love surfing but I haven't been for ages. I want to surf again and I want to surf specifically on a shortboard!


I’m not 21 anymore (46 actually). I’m not as fit as I used to be. I eat too much food. I’m a bit too heavy to surf shortboards like when I was younger. I’m still breathing. I still have a body. Who says I can’t?


  1. I could make small meaningful adjustments to my diet and see how it goes, maybe create a simple plan?
  2. I could increase my activity levels each week to support my better nutrition, and see how it goes?
  3. I could set a reward target, like a new Gul Mod-cross 6’3” swallow tail surfboard by say, March?
  4. I could do none of the above and eat more cake.

Way forward

  • I’ll start in January and I’ll drop alcohol for 6 days a week
  • I’ll clean up my eating; by reducing high fat and refined sugary foods and have a ‘no picking’ boundary between meals and while cooking.
  • I’ll aim for three to four times a week of exercise but I’ll be nice to myself, have a day off now and again.
  • I’ll draw a chart to see how I’m doing and create some accountability.

…and so I started… and so far it is working :)

Goal, Reality, Options, Way forward is known as the GROW model.

It is sometimes used it in leadership, business or executive coaching, but it can be applied to any challenge and it’s helped me over the past 3 months.

In conclusion, I’ve still got some way to go, I’ve had some stressful times at work recently which resulted in a few blips, but blips happen. On a difficult week it is just about 2 steps forward and 1 step back…. I’m motivated and making ground.

Today I'd like to thank you!

Last Monday, I probably had one of the worse days I have ever had, and could really have done with a glass of wine at the end of the day. However, because Niky had written that blog, and I knew, that you now knew, that I was being more Intentional!

You provided me with accountability and it was just what I needed and it really helped me be self-controlled on not have a blip when I could so easily have!

That’s the power of growing with accountability! - So thank you!

I hope this now helps you, and maybe you can GROW in a healthy way too.

Gareth :)

Niky and Tom will be running webinars in the next few weeks and one of them will be running through this GROW model. If you'd like to join this or know more, there is a simple form below so we can let you know more details soon. We've also got a copy of the FREE GROW WORKSHEET below!

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