Guest Post from Gareth!... RE-CREATION


A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, in fact nearly 30 years, I began my journey of study and enrolled in University. For some bizarre reason, this 18-year-old decided to opt for a Diploma in Recreation Studies, which led to further degrees in the whacky science of recreation and humans, over a 10 year period...

I never really knew why. Why this subject? Why these themes…which has carried me through my working years?

Don’t get me wrong I loved the fact there was a lot of learning about physical activity, health, psychology and society, and as a sporty type, I got to try out lots of things and run around a lot more.

But only in the last few years have I recognised the simplicity of the word RECREATION or better put, Re-CREATION.

And this is my passion, or calling, I love the fact that when things aren’t going well or we are on the wrong track with our health, relationships, our vocations we really do have the option of second chances, and even third chances.

Our physical bodies and our emotional minds are amazing!

Did you know humans have an inherent ability to renew or re-create? And this is so critical for our health, for our relationships, for our soul.

The word RECREATION has foundations in Latin – RECREATIO – to make new again, and in old FRENCH, to revive.

So here’s the key.

We cannot flip the RECREATIO (make new again) switch unless we are Intentional, that is making a choice to re-CREATE.

It requires some effort, but our bodies are equipped to do this, we just need to adopt an Intentional mind-set, initiate the right support and maybe learn some new skills.

Once we flip the switch, then we need to give ourselves time, time and space is the key here.

We need time to practice being Intentional, to learn and introduce new habits and healthy behaviours, and occasionally the switch will go back to type, so we will need to flick it again. And that’s ok.

And in time we will have RE-CREATED.

(Post by Gareth Dix)

Where could you invest in some recreation? this week?

Until next time,

Niky & Team.

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