Working from Rest


Another more personal blog again this week, about rest... I am writing this blog on Tuesday 17th April.

Last night I delivered our coach family devotional - this is a monthly 30-minute webinar that all of the Intentional Health coaches and volunteers can be part of if they want. During these sessions, we explore some of the Intentional Health programme content and remind ourselves that we are part of something bigger.

Most importantly for us - because we are faith-based but not biased and believe God has invited us into His plan - We also use this time to share what we feel He is saying to us, both individually, and corporately.

Yesterday's particular session was all about the importance of rest - using the scripture Matthew 11: 28-30 as a starting point - Many of our readers will know it well.

During the session, Gareth and I explored how we aim to create a healthy rhythm of working out of rest, rather than rest as recovery from our work.

I explained how for us here at Intentional Health right now, we happen to be in a season in the fast lane, where it isn't easy to rest - there is just so much to do, and only a few hands to do it!

Whether you believe in God or not, you'll probably agree that rest is something that as a society we can often struggle with.

Our world is filled with hustle and bustle.  We reward busyness as if always working, striving, and achieving were the true marks of a life well-lived.  We elevate those who have given everything to gain success. To be tired is to be weak. To be in need is to fail. To rest instead of work is to be lazy or selfish. We can become focused on ourselves, thinking that unless we work ourselves to the bone, nothing of value will be accomplished. I was encouraged to read an article last week that suggests this culture might be starting to change in the workplace, but I suspect this won't be the norm for a very long time!

Personally, I recognise that I am naturally more of a 'human-do-er' rather than a human being, and confess that I also find that it isn't easy to stop and rest when I am so blessed and get to do something I really love every day!

So after the session last night, I pretty much went straight to bed, reflecting on what we'd just been talking about, and to try and rest.

I noticed that this rest felt more like I was in recovery mode, in response to a great - but busy week, rather than a rest to help me bring my best self and work into the next day.

When I woke this morning - I realised that I have been guilty of talking more about rest than I have been practising resting!

So, (prepare yourself!)  I made the decision to write this blog post today (Tuesday) and schedule it for Monday week (probably when you are reading it now) and to let you know that I am going to take a few weeks resting from our weekly blog, at least until after my Windsor trip.

That way, I can have a season of rest, and so can you from reading this!

A few people have previously mentioned they could write something for our Monday blog- and if they do, we can easily schedule that whilst I'm away, but I'm making this commitment to rest because it's right for me now, and because, as far as it possible for me, I want to always work from a place of rest, rather than because others can 'hold the fort'.

And as I begin to practice what I'm preaching, I hope that I may also inspire you to lay something down too - even something small for a short season?

When I return in a few weeks, I hope and expect to be able to bring my very best work from a restored rhythm of 'working from a place of rest' again :)

Thanks for your understanding. Niky :)

Photo Credit: Ilham Rahmansyah

If you want to start on your journey towards being more intentional about your health and think about how you might work from a place of rest, then why not download our FREE Intentional Health journey workbook by clicking the picture below, to help start your journey to living a healthier, happier life.

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Niky is in bed with the flu. It is teaching her a valuable lesson. Sometimes you can be applying the most intentional, proactive and goal orientated approach to your personal health or any other aspect of your life...and then you get the flu!

It wasn’t forecasted, she didn’t plan for it, nor has she built the necessary scaffolding around it…. the flu just arrived and sent her to bed. She now has to stop everything and allow her body to recover.

It’s sooooo frustrating! (for those who know her, you will understand). She’s a natural rescuer, a natural helper …and now she’s the helpless one.

The lesson is … there are some things we just can't control and it’s then that we have to stop, to seek shelter and rest in faith….and allow time to heal and allow others to be there for us.

As we know, the flu can come in many shapes and sizes.

For some it’s a far more critical health problem than the flu, for others it’s a un-predicted relationship break or a change in our work or home life that came from nowhere, and for others, it can be all of the above.

It’s at that moment that you put the anchor down, seek shelter, rest and receive help from others.

Eventually, the flu will go and she will set sail again, with the new knowledge that she is fallible and there is strength in accepting fallibility.

Hopefully, service will resume as normal next week. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

photo credit :elizabeth lies

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Guest Post from Gareth!... RE-CREATION


A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, in fact nearly 30 years, I began my journey of study and enrolled in University. For some bizarre reason, this 18-year-old decided to opt for a Diploma in Recreation Studies, which led to further degrees in the whacky science of recreation and humans, over a 10 year period...

I never really knew why. Why this subject? Why these themes…which has carried me through my working years?

Don’t get me wrong I loved the fact there was a lot of learning about physical activity, health, psychology and society, and as a sporty type, I got to try out lots of things and run around a lot more.

But only in the last few years have I recognised the simplicity of the word RECREATION or better put, Re-CREATION.

And this is my passion, or calling, I love the fact that when things aren’t going well or we are on the wrong track with our health, relationships, our vocations we really do have the option of second chances, and even third chances.

Our physical bodies and our emotional minds are amazing!

Did you know humans have an inherent ability to renew or re-create? And this is so critical for our health, for our relationships, for our soul.

The word RECREATION has foundations in Latin – RECREATIO – to make new again, and in old FRENCH, to revive.

So here’s the key.

We cannot flip the RECREATIO (make new again) switch unless we are Intentional, that is making a choice to re-CREATE.

It requires some effort, but our bodies are equipped to do this, we just need to adopt an Intentional mind-set, initiate the right support and maybe learn some new skills.

Once we flip the switch, then we need to give ourselves time, time and space is the key here.

We need time to practice being Intentional, to learn and introduce new habits and healthy behaviours, and occasionally the switch will go back to type, so we will need to flick it again. And that’s ok.

And in time we will have RE-CREATED.

(Post by Gareth Dix)

Where could you invest in some recreation? this week?

Until next time,

Niky & Team.

Intentional Health has a stand at Creationfest 2017 with a chat slot in the Arts Cafe On Tuesday at 3 pm, where you can come and find out about 'Transformed Lives'.

Holidays & Burnout

Having been hugely blessed by a week paid for and with family in the Portuguese sunshine, I realised just how much I benefit from an Intentional Rest.

I also recognised again how easily burnout could become a real issue.

You see, burnout isn't something you see coming - it silently creeps up on you, until one day, it renders you feeling helpless, disillusioned and completely exhausted.  Just like many of the other lifestyle diseases we regularly refer to!

Before you take a deep breath, please don't worry! I wasn't anywhere near that point of no return, but intentionally taking a step back and resting I can see habits that have crept in that would slowly and surely be pointing me in that general direction. Habits such as working late, not switching off, not being fully present or available for family and friends and wanting to spend too much time on my laptop (I love my laptop - for both work and play!) 

Unhelpful habits such as;

  • Working late or long hours
  • Not properly switching off or relaxing
  • Eating at my desk or on the run
  • Not being fully present or available for family and friends
  • Wanting to spend too much time on my laptop (I love my laptop - for both work and play!) 

But getting away from the tech for a week made me appreciated just how tired I actually was - without really realising it. 

If I'm honest, I was a little unsure about going away to start with,  but what surprised me the most was how quickly and how much I appreciated the quiet and time to zone out.

A dear friend and one of the Intentional Health team had been thoughtful and sent me a colour-in postcard to relax and unwind. You can see what I did in the image above - and I loved creating it! There is no doubt that having a supportive team, who both encouraged me to go away 'laptop free' and really forget all about work for the week, and who also who demonstrated they were more than capable of running the show without me, was a huge undeserved blessing - a real dose of Grace!  (Thank you, team! ;-)

Why not be intentional this summer about some or all of these Helpful habits too;

  • Eat well
  • Sleep
  • Relax & unwind
  • Exercise
  • Connect with others and
  • Take a few short or even extended breaks.

I highly recommend it, and so does our team ;-) 

Next week we'll be at the Creationfest! - Do come and say hello if you are in Cornwall!

We did it!


Just over a year ago we intentionally set out to write a blog post every week, gain a few hundred email subscribers and deliver a series of 20 webinars, largely using the content from our 10 session Intentional Health programme. This past week we completed our 20 webinars and have been consistently blogging for well over a year already!

That's all great - and we have learned an awful lot - particularly, about how it looks so easy! BUT... that's not the best bit!

The best bit for us is when you email, message or chat with us and tell us about how the content we share is helping you be more intentional about your own health and wellbeing!

You see; 3 out of 4 of us are likely to experience some form of lifestyle disease that results in disability or premature death.

We live in a culture where it is far easier to be unhealthy than healthy.

Lifestyle disease occurs because of the cumulative consequences of the simple but silent, yet often harmful, choices we make every day. We make many of these without realising and are therefore completely unaware of any long-term consequences.

That's why we can all benefit from being intentional about our health and wellbeing.

Whether you are interested in balanced diet, physical activity, or exploring thoughts and feelings, we hope our webinars give you a starting point - to help you on your journey to being more intentional about your health and wellbeing.

You can download a free worksheet with links to watch any of the replays by clicking here.

One of the areas we also need to be intentional about is making sure we rest well.

By the time this post goes out, I'll be on a family holiday in the sunshine!

I hope you take the time to rest, to watch any of the replays, to avoid lifestyle disease and do one thing to be more intentional about your health and wellbeing this week.

Til Next time, Niky & team.

Balanced Life or Burnout?


There is one thing for certain...

We can't have a healthy balanced life and Burnout at the same time.

If we live a healthy balanced life, get sufficient rest and sleep; we avoid burnout.

If we live an unbalanced, unhealthy life, we are heading in the direction of burnout.

None of us wants to live a life that ends up being sick, exhausted and burnt out, but many of us are regularly, unknowingly, making decisions that mean we are heading in that direction.

This week we are hosting 2 FREE 30 minute webinars to explore these areas.

In our first webinar, we are exploring why we burn out and what prevents us from investing in ourselves. We also have a free worksheet to share that helps you with a little self-reflection and identify how at risk you might be of burning out.

Our second webinar will be sharing what we need and how to get a good nights sleep, as well as what difference sleep makes to our health and wellbeing.

1. Balance & Burnout

Join us for our first 30 minute Balance & Burnout webinar this evening 19:30 (BST) using this link:

(or register now, and we'll send you the replay to watch at your convenience if you can't attend in person tonight)

2. Sleep and Rest.

Join us for our second 30-minute Rest & Sleep webinar on Thursday evening 19:30 (BST) using this link:

In all of our webinars, we work through a free accompanying worksheet. If you would like to download these before the webinar you can do that here.

Click here to download the Balance & Burnout worksheet

If you have problems sleeping, we will have a worksheet to help you too and will share the link for this later in the week. Be sure to register for the sleep webinar if you are interested in this worksheet.

See you in the webinars?

Niky, Gareth, Tom & team

Did you notice the good or bad habits?


If you watched the replay of last weeks webinar, you'll know that there are no such thing as good and bad habit loops, habit loops are just a pathway.

That's why it's good to put ourselves in the way of "good things"

because it is the triggers and cues, and associated behaviours that are good or bad, not the habits themselves. (although, healthy or unhealthy might be a more helpful way to describe them!)

If you haven't watched the replay and don't want to miss out, here's the link

Oh, and you'll want us to send you the accompanying worksheet beforehand if you want help trying to identify your own habits, you can do that by letting us know your email address - you can do that by clicking here.

And if you want to find out how best to change habits, you might want to join me and Gareth live on Tuesday 6th June 7:30 pm (BST), or watch the replay at your own convenience later.

Either way, you can register here!

We love it when you join us live - it's really fun and interactive and we can answer your questions.

We also try and mention those of you who have helped us along the way, so it's good not to miss out on your moments of fame!

See you in the webinar?

Niky, Tom, Gareth & Team