You may have noticed that the winter season is here! Anyone who knows me well knows I am really not a fan of the cold! But I am learning to appreciate a change in seasons.

Seasons indicate beginnings and endings and growth, seasons are ultimately healthy.

Because I don't like the cold, it can be easy for me to focus on the seasonal negatives including the coughs and colds our family seems to pass around. I could be miserable about going out in the cold and damp or moan at the fact that it is dark when I leave and get home from work (Er... confession time - that might have happened once or twice!).  I could so easily moan this season away, wishing it was summer again. And I don't know about you, but the seasons seem to come and go far quicker the older I get! have you noticed that?

Changing seasons can occur in our physical environment and also in our lives. Seasonal variations occur in our health, work, friends and circumstances. Each new season brings some challenges or some gifts and often both!

Although we don't often have much control over these changing seasons, we do have control of our thoughts and feelings, and can, therefore, be intentional in choosing which aspects we focus on.

So rather than wish my life away and easily focus on the negatives, I am now intentionally choosing to embrace and be thankful for this current season instead.

I am choosing to think about how I enjoy the warmth of cosy family roasts, crisp air with scarfs and warm jumpers, as well as the sparkly lights, cosy log burners, and extra snuggle times with the family.

A change in season brings a change in our surroundings. As I look for the positives, I find it easier to appreciate each new and different season even more.

Here at Intentional Health HQ, we are coming to the end of a season of having Tonya on the team. Tonya is an amazing member of staff that we knew we would only have for a season, and what a season it has been! Next week will be Tonya's last week with us :( and she will be sharing exactly how she believes God, through Intentional Health, has helped her grow personally in this season of her life.

As she gets ready to leave us next week, we would just like to say a huge thanks for all she has been part of and made possible! We will miss her hugely.

We don't know what the next season without her will bring for us but are confident that as she and her husband pursue their next season of life, we are choosing to focus on the blessing that Tonya has been to us over the past months. We are also excited about what blessings God will bring for the next seasons of our lives, and for us here at Intentional Health HQ.

Next week we will be launching our 2018 training dates for churches who want to partner with Intentional Health. To find out more about this, please click here.

Our next season also requires us to find new Intentional Health Partner Angels. These are people who can support us along our journey as we get our 10 session community programme out into communities across the UK. you can find out more about that by clicking here.

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