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Thank you!


Photo Credit:Aaron Burden

This week we are coming to the end of our Intentional Health webinar series, finishing on a high by celebrating with positive thoughts and joy! 

We originally set out to create and deliver 20 webinars, sharing some of the content from our ten session Intentional Health programme. 

Whilst this has been loads of fun, and we've learned an awful lot, we've also learned that it isn't quite as easy as other professionals make it look! 

I am hugely grateful for the team of people who have made it possible and also the people who have taken the time to attend live or given us feedback! 

If that is you... Thank you!! :) 

We hope that this may inspire you to find out more about Intentional Health, and join in with a community programme near you, or share the content with others if you find it helpful. 

This week in our final three sessions before we break for summer, Tom, Gareth and I explore how our thoughts and feelings, being grateful and celebrating our successes all contribute to a healthy, happy life. 

If you want to join us live (or want to be notified of the replay!), you can do so by registering using the links below.

Thoughts & Feelings - Monday 17th July 19:30  (BST)

Joy & gratitude - Tuesday 18th July 19:30  (BST)

Failing Forward - Thursday 20th July 19:30  (BST)

If you meant to watch some of the series, but have not got round to it yet, next week, we'll publish a list with links to all of the webinar replays, which will be available for you to watch at your leisure.

The week after we hope to feature a guest post while I'll be having a much needed holiday with family  - so watch this space!

The week after we'll be at the Creationfest - Do come and say hello if you are attending! 

Niky & team