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Our Dishwasher is Broken


As I have been away this week, Gareth, (AKA - the legendary voice behind all the Intentional Health animations!) Kindly offered to write this weeks post! Enjoy!

Photo Credit :Catt Liu

Mid-November 2017

“Oh disaster, upon disaster!" The one kitchen item that is so critical to the flow of our family life; the single appliance that can make or break business continuity in our family unit of millennials, technology geeks and sport-jocks - has become no more, and kicked the proverbial bucket!

And then at that moment, the realisation came as the four of us stood in the kitchen ashen-faced, gawping at each other in silence, “no dishwasher! and Christmas is coming?!  “Arghhhhhhhhhhh!”

All those dishes... it was about this point that flight kicked-in over fight… “Maybe we could leave the country?”... “We could go to my mothers?” … “We will need to sell up!”... “Somebody call IKEA, they'll know what to do!” Even Marlon our dog was standing by the front door with lead in mouth ready to depart.

And then Dad pipes up in Corporal Jones style … (fans of Dad's Army will understand)….. “Don't panic, don't panic!… I got an idea! Let's just do the dishes ourselves over Christmas!”

At first stunned silence.

Then the look of three individuals reminiscent of the minion movie where both shock ‘and’ confusion takes over the face;

…and then agreement.

(By the way for those into health psychology, this all forms normal parts of the stages of change).

And so we bought washing up liquid, new dishcloths and we made a pact that we would team up; all four of us: mum, dad, two teenage boys; and wash-up together, every single day through Christmas.

Mid-January 2018

We have decided that Ecover the most effective and environment-friendly liquid…. Just saying (though other environmentally friendly brands are available) and our dishwasher is still broken but we are all the more connected.

Don't get me wrong, we already enjoyed conversations around the table as part of our daily culture, we believe wholly in family time….but our conversations went deeper, they were extended, more time led to discussions about school, filmmaking experiments, about mum’s next work presentation, about Dad’s continued success in fantasy football (ahem), about faith, about politics, about the environment, and our health.

We played the ‘guess-who’ game loads, despite Mum’s frustration that most of the answers were Star Wars characters and even the dog joined in as we danced to pumping tunes whilst discussing and playing music, as the washing and drying took place. We had great fun and made some wonderful, lifelong memories.

Three takeaway's

  1. Broken things are just barriers to stimulate different thinking, and potentially allow for a whole new direction
  2. We are not meant to be over-reliant on things, but relational with each other, it’s a spirit thing as much as anything
  3. Doing a job well, and in 'team', feels great, and a healthy active work ethic is good for us.

Intentional Health is about change and stepping towards a healthier me in community, like being part of a washing up team….

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