Good or Bad Habits?


It's fair to say, we've got into a habit of posting blogs every Monday morning for almost a year now! Some of you will think that's a good habit, and some maybe not! But we keep doing it because we love hearing back from those of you who take the time to let us know the difference these blogs make (you know who you are!)  Thank you SO much! :) - Some of you even get a mention in our webinars ... so always worth checking out the replays!

Recently, Tom, Gareth & I have been trying a new habit of live webinars - which have been a steep learning curve but lots of fun! I know for some of you, the thought of a webinar - with technology sounds scary, but trust me, it's much scarier being on the producing front end of the camera!

If you are a little nervous about the unknown, please don't worry, you literally just need to be able to register by entering your name and email address, and then we'll send you a link, which you just click and watch ...

If you've been thinking about joining us then please have a go this week!

Last week we explored how limited our willpower is, especially when relying on it to help our "future-self" make wise choices, and instead explored how we might be better off using willpower today and creating healthy habits instead. You can watch the replay simply by clicking here.

We also talked in the webinar about using willpower to create habits, so habits will be the focus of the next couple of webinars.

First, we are looking at what are 'good' and 'bad' habits, how they work and how understanding this is helpful.

Then we will explore how understanding all of this can really help us change any 'bad' habits.

We'll be working through a worksheet through the webinar, which we can send you to download and print off here.

Sign up for this week's webinar (1st June 2017 19:30 BST) by clicking this link and we'll look forward to seeing you then!

Niky & Team