The place in the middle...


Have you ever been there? You start so well... and then you reach that place in the middle... the place where you have come too far to go back, but not quite far enough to see the end in sight?

Starting diet's or healthy eating plans, exercise plans, thinking more positive thoughts, investing in relationships, starting learning a new skill, or developing a habit of quiet times or devotionals... just to name a few.

We enthusiastically start something new, but then our energy and enthusiasm run's out and the novelty wears off. At this point, we haven't quite established the necessary habits to make this new way is the "normal way" we do things, and the pull calls loudly to slip up, give up, or stop trying.

That is why this place is also the best place to ensure we have sufficient external support - or 'scaffolding' as we like to call it here at Intentional Health.

Scaffolding can be sharing our goals with a buddy, setting consequences in place if we don't fulfil our intentions, removing temptations and putting ourselves in the way of good things.

Deciding ahead of time and setting up scaffolding before we start out on making changes to our lifestyle, is what being Intentional about our health is really all about.

Nothing worth having comes quickly or easily. It requires intentionality and Grit.

Grit and resilience are found in this place in the middle. reconciling this time in the middle makes the end destination so much more worthwhile.

As we reach this place in the middle stage halfway through our 20-webinar series, I'm choosing to be thankful to be in that place in the middle. I have you as scaffolding to support and encourage me through as I begin to see a glimpse of the end in sight in 4 weeks time. So I'm intentionally staying focused on the goal and I am hugely grateful for your constant encouragements, even when you can't make the sessions live.

This week we have 3 webinars, and I'm also really grateful and excited to be doing the first one with the lovely Tonya at 10 am today. We'll be exploring how reading food labels can help us be more intentional about our health and wellbeing!

It's not too late for you to join us live, or for the replay; you just need to register by clicking here.

Then on Tuesday evening, Tom and I will be looking at being Intentional about our meal planning, before Tom and Gareth explore how to be intentionally healthy when drinking alcohol on Thursday.

If you'd like to join us at any of these webinars, either live or via the replay, please register below.

Mon 26th June 10:00 (BST) Reading Food Labels

Tues 27th June 19:30 (BST) Meal Planning

Thur 29th June 19:30 (BST) Health & Alcohol

Heads up for next week too; We have a series of morning webinars where again Tonya and I will be exploring Boundaries, Saying No and Communicating well.

Don't forget you can also easily watch the replays if you are intentional about signing up early, or even auto-sign up (using the blue button on the thank you page of the first webinar you register for!).

Where ever you are on your journey - get some scaffolding ready for the place in the middle and keep going! You are amazing, and the end is probably closer than you think!

Niky & Team

Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash