Guest Post: Time Please!


In Cornwall we are blessed to have beautiful old rural pubs, they are often at the heart of the community. What is lovely in our local culture is that these places are not viewed as settings to simply consume lots of alcohol but they are seen as places to meet, eat and be together, sharing time and life.

Christmas is an especially lovely time here in Cornwall …the pub’s log fire will crackle away into the evening whilst people snuggle and listen to the south westerly winds blowing hard outside….

…and you can often hear the Atlantic swells announcing their Christmas arrival onto our local cliffs, applauded by the chiming sounds of safely moored sailboats.

…and as the night closes in you will eventually be caught out by a loud tuneful “ding” from a hand-held bell and a hearty shout from the landlord “Time, please!” denoting it’s closing time. The evening has ended, and our time together has finished.

“Time, please!”….

Often during Christmas I think of some very special people who touched my life at various points throughout my ongoing walk of this Earth….those for whom the Landlord has now said “Time, please!”.

And I wish I could make time return, I wish I could see them again, I wish I could have another go at time, I wish I could have given more of my minutes and hours and days to sit, listen, be with and share…..

I guess I just got distracted, I guess I just got pulled away by the shiny things around me.

And so I dig deep into my memory bank and start remembering, and I’m thankful for the timeless photographs of my mind. And I’m grateful for the faith that I have where I will one day be reunited.

And then I had another thought.

What if the Landlord is not just shouting “Time, Please!” denoting something has ended or been taken away?.

What if behind the shout for closing time He is actually whispering something more profound? something a little deeper? what if He is saying.. ”Time, Please?” suggesting a question, implying that we have a ‘here’ and ‘now’ and for us to make the opportunity of precious, precious Time.

…please make time for those around you and close to you.

By intentionally giving the gift of time you are not only investing into others but profoundly investing into yourself, you are adding life to your years and to the years of others, and science tells us you are also adding heartbeats to life throughout.

This Christmas I’m reminded that God Intentionally sent his son to spend time with us.

In that story the Inn was closed, and the Inn Keeper was about to call time… but wait, there was a knock at the door….and it’s not over yet :)

Have a great Christmas, and like the Cornish culture make the people you're with more important than the alcohol.


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