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This week I’ve been really encouraged and inspired my mother in law, Julie.

For years Julie has yo-yo’d between periods of over-eating and dieting, causing feelings of condemnation and guilt and fluctuations in her weight.

She grew up believing, just like many others, that you demonstrate your love to your friends and family by feeding them. Life often revolved around planning, preparing or partaking in the eating of food.

The trouble is in days gone by, the food was wholesome, homemade and highly nutritious. Sadly, nowadays it is packed with empty calories, excessive sugar and fats and has been so processed that most of the nutritional value has been eliminated.

A few weeks ago Julie and I had a discussion where we explored why it was important for her to be more disciplined about her food. For her, growing in her faith, rather than reducing her dress size, was important.

We also explored how she could avoid or overcome feelings of guilt by not setting herself up to fail, by being more self-compassionate, and by having an accountable friend or buddy to encourage her.

These paradigm shifts in her thinking helped her understand the elements she could be responsible for, and that she could subsequently take control over what she ate, as opposed to just thinking about losing weight.

This has both transformed and motivated her to start making changes.  

Since our conversation, she has not weighed herself, but with the support of an accountable buddy and prayer, she has been focused on being more self disciplined with her portions and exercising control over snacking between meals.

Others have already noticed and commented on her healthier choices, and noticeable loss of weight, and she has already noticed how this new found self control has spilled out into many other unexpected areas of her life.

Julie reminded me this week that our mind, body and soul are connected, and that making a change is something that;

  • starts with a compelling reason to change,
  • includes making a conscious choice to change,
  • and then requires taking a few first steps to being more intentional.

Well done Julie!

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