Want more willpower?


I couldn't resist on Wednesday... I just "found" myself paying for the 300gm bar of chocolate slipping innocently into my shopping bag at the checkout whilst pretending to have no idea how it got there!

When I say, "I have no idea" ... I know exactly why I couldn't resist.

I went shopping on an empty stomach, tired and had no willpower left to resist the temptation.

I have noticed that there are certain circumstances that lead me to be more vulnerable. These are usually when I'm tired, hungry or if I've had an exhausting day making lots of choices.

To my surprise, after I succumbed this time, I thought for a minute about when the last time was that I hadn't managed to recruit sufficient resilience to buy a bar of chocolate in the shop, and I realised it was longer than I could remember.

I noticed that I had actually been far more effective in using my willpower over the past few years, and am now using my willpower to only eat one or two squares at a time... which I intend to thoroughly enjoy, and I have managed to resist so far!

At the request of over 60% of people who filled in our recent survey, Willpower is going to be the topic of this week's FREE 30-minute webinar.

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