Why be intentional about your health?


Photo Credit: Bruno Nascimento

Living "Intentionally" requires an investment of effort on our part, and means we make choices today, often sacrificially, in the interest of our future self.

It is always good to be intentional about our health, but this is especially true;

When our health & wellbeing has the power to affect everything else we do,

When it becomes rare to stop and appreciate our health and wellbeing, until we no longer have it,

When 3 out of 4 of us will needlessly suffer or die prematurely due to our daily health choices,

When the current generation may die before their parents from preventable diseases,

When the cost of poor health to society is becoming untenable

When the NHS  is in crisis and cannot meet the acute health needs, let alone tackle prevention,

When our health is difficult to prioritise in today’s connected and fast-paced culture,

When we forget that health is far easier to maintain than regain,

When not intentionally choosing, is still a choice,

When today’s society means it is easier to make unhealthy choices than healthy ones.

When simply ‘knowing where to start’ can be a good enough reason not to!

All of these reasons make it easier to trade off the effort making intentionally healthy choices today, but are we clear, and okay, about the cost of that choice to our future self?