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We are starting something new, and are going to change up our blogs for a few months and mixing in a series of interactive live FREE webinars! The first one starts on Wednesday 19th 7:30 - 8 pm (BST) click here to sign up!  (click on any of the links on this page and enter your first name and email address to sign up)

I hope this little experiment will excite you as much as it excites me, and I'm really hoping that you will embrace this new adventure and give it a go with us!  Thanks to those who have already signed up too - I hope you also spotted my little welcome video ;) 

For those who have never experienced a webinar before, please don't worry too much - especially about the technology.

Once you have signed up to join us, you will receive an email which will have a link similar to the one below.

You simply click on the blue link a few minutes before the webinar is due to begin and it will take you to the page with the webinar on. 

If you show up at the same time as we are broadcasting you will be able to chat LIVE with us in a grey 'Chat Room/Box' which will appear on the side or below the presentation (depending on the orientation of the device you are watching on).

If during the live event something is not quite working at any point, the best thing to do is refresh your browser. You can do this by pressing the refresh button if you know where that is, or by clicking in the address bar and pressing enter or return.

Please do join us for our very first LIVE webinar this Wednesday 19th 7:30 - 8 pm (BST) click here to sign up!

If you can't make it LIVE on Wednesday, please do sign up and we will automatically send you an email with the link to watch the replay.

In this first webinar we are talking about why we really need to be Intentional today and (as Craig Groeschel sort of says in his new bookhow being or not being intentional today determines the story's we will tell tomorrow.

Really look forward to you joining us.

click here to sign up!

Niky and team.

PS - Please come with any questions to put into the chat box, and also any future topics you would like us to explore! Afterwards, we'd love to know how you found it, and especially any tips for next time, and if you were encouraged or inspired, please do share the replay link too!


Are you GROW-ing?


I was a little surprised to find myself the subject of an Intentional Health blog last week. I was even more surprised to find that on reading Niky’s blog she’d noticed I’d not been growing around the waistline, but I’d been intentional about my health, and apparently practising a number of habits that are critical to changing my behaviour.

This was largely a result of a different kind of 'growing' conversation I had with myself in December that went something like this…


I love surfing but I haven't been for ages. I want to surf again and I want to surf specifically on a shortboard!


I’m not 21 anymore (46 actually). I’m not as fit as I used to be. I eat too much food. I’m a bit too heavy to surf shortboards like when I was younger. I’m still breathing. I still have a body. Who says I can’t?


  1. I could make small meaningful adjustments to my diet and see how it goes, maybe create a simple plan?
  2. I could increase my activity levels each week to support my better nutrition, and see how it goes?
  3. I could set a reward target, like a new Gul Mod-cross 6’3” swallow tail surfboard by say, March?
  4. I could do none of the above and eat more cake.

Way forward

  • I’ll start in January and I’ll drop alcohol for 6 days a week
  • I’ll clean up my eating; by reducing high fat and refined sugary foods and have a ‘no picking’ boundary between meals and while cooking.
  • I’ll aim for three to four times a week of exercise but I’ll be nice to myself, have a day off now and again.
  • I’ll draw a chart to see how I’m doing and create some accountability.

…and so I started… and so far it is working :)

Goal, Reality, Options, Way forward is known as the GROW model.

It is sometimes used it in leadership, business or executive coaching, but it can be applied to any challenge and it’s helped me over the past 3 months.

In conclusion, I’ve still got some way to go, I’ve had some stressful times at work recently which resulted in a few blips, but blips happen. On a difficult week it is just about 2 steps forward and 1 step back…. I’m motivated and making ground.

Today I'd like to thank you!

Last Monday, I probably had one of the worse days I have ever had, and could really have done with a glass of wine at the end of the day. However, because Niky had written that blog, and I knew, that you now knew, that I was being more Intentional!

You provided me with accountability and it was just what I needed and it really helped me be self-controlled on not have a blip when I could so easily have!

That’s the power of growing with accountability! - So thank you!

I hope this now helps you, and maybe you can GROW in a healthy way too.

Gareth :)

Niky and Tom will be running webinars in the next few weeks and one of them will be running through this GROW model. If you'd like to join this or know more, there is a simple form below so we can let you know more details soon. We've also got a copy of the FREE GROW WORKSHEET below!

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I know I’ve written about this topic often, and to be honest, I will continue to write about it often in the future because...

We simply cannot be intentional without having something to be intentional about.

We need a goal to stop us from getting stuck.

We’ll cover more specific goal setting in more detail in the coming weeks, but this week I am struggling with one of my own goals.

You may remember me mentioning webinars in previous posts? Well I’ve been struggling to turn them from just intentions into a reality. This is made worse as it is a reality that you could all be a part of ...

Some of the reasons I haven’t made it happen yet include the fact that I have been busy with a bunch of other good things… but if I am really honest with myself (and you), the main reason is probably more to do with the fact that it is scary...

...There’s a lot to do before we start... ...I’ve never done anything like this before... ...I don’t like being in front of a camera... ...I don’t understand all the tech... one might join in... ...people might laugh… in fact, there are probably a 100 other similar possible potential reasons that come to mind if I let myself think about it too much.

All potential reasons to NOT do them, which only means they have been pushed to the bottom of the pile over and over again

… I am truly sorry, and ask that you forgive me?...

Thankfully, one of the reasons I am actually able to write these blogs (and thanks again to those of you who take the time to email and say how helpful they are - you have no idea how much that encourages me) is because I was awarded a small grant to provide the equipment and resources necessary to write these blogs and make the webinars happen!

I set a goal when I first applied for the grant about this time last year, to deliver Twenty short 20-30 minute FREE webinars on a range of topics that are included as part of our Intentional Health programme.

This is mainly so that people who couldn’t or wouldn’t access a programme delivered by church community group didn’t miss out, and could still access at least some of the programme content and helpful advice.

Last week I realised that it is almost the end of February already, and all my good intentions to deliver these webinars - were still just that - Intentions.

So this week I’m setting myself some smaller steps on the way to my larger goal, to both ensure I can honour the community grant - (and who none of us would be reading this today without - thank you Awards for All!) and to share what I have learned about living a life to the full by being intentional about my health and wellbeing, after all, our health underpins every other aspect of our life!

So how am I going to do that…?

1. Ask for help, find support and an accountable buddy.

or even team of buddies in my case, thanks to you :)

Obviously, there is some accountability with the grant, which is helpful, and I will be sending them a report including some testimonies of impact  (so all of you who can send me emails sharing your lightbulb moments will be really helpful :) Thank you, and please do keep ‘em coming!)

I’ve also recruited the support of the wonderful Gareth and Tom - who have agreed to come to play and learn all about with webinars with me!

And now I’m also inviting you into the equation!!  You have my full permission to ask me when they are coming….

2 - Make a list of potential topics

(not perfect! not definite, not in any detail and in no particular order …yet!)

Currently, these could include the following…

  1. Reading food labels
  2. Balanced diet
  3. Portion distortions
  4. Fats and sugars
  5. Physical activity - potential to break this up into 2 or 3 webinars
  6. Boundaries
  7. Wellbeing
  8. Why be intentional about health or anything?
  9. Happiness - thoughts and feelings
  10. Happiness habits
  11. Triggers & habits
  12. Giving and receiving feedback
  13. Managing stress
  14. Goal setting
  15. Willpower
  16. Communication
  17. Accountable buddies
  18. Rest and sleep
  19. Failing forward / Celebrate successes
  20. Shopping when hungry/menu planning.

Please let me know which of these you would like, or if there are any missing that you would like me to explore - like I said, this is a work in progress…

3. Schedule potential dates for the 20 webinars.

I’m currently part of a wonderful online community of businesswomen from all over the world participating in the ‘Systematic Success’ course, so I have set this particular activity as my task for this coming week and will be sharing my progress on this task with them!

4. Schedule time

After I have scheduled the webinars I will work backwards and over the next few weeks I will begin to explore each topic in detail, create the actual content, and try and navigate my way around webinar software - which we have been kindly been allocated for free from the US-based WebinarJam! … and will also schedule time for each of these activities.

5. Go make it happen…

Ok - so 5 is a little vague and there are obviously many more detailed steps between these - but these are specific and probably not of real interest to you right now....but I promise you will be the first to know when we are ready to begin!

What I am hoping is that you have noticed that I am putting lots of support mechanisms - which I think of kind of as scaffolding, like that found around a new building or baby tree - and putting that scaffolding in place to help me get started, make sure I don’t give up too early, and have sufficient support and protection in place to get through the hardest part - which is almost always the start…

Also, I’m not sharing this with you just to be accountable to, though I am really grateful for all of you who will encourage me to keep going,

nor to be able to hear feedback for the grant report at the end of this project, though I will LOVE to hear the impact it makes and celebrate your successes - you are the reason I am doing this!..

I’m sharing this with you because I’ve learned these are key things that are absolutely essential for any change. We need to be smart with our goals to start any change and to turn any dream, situation or idea into something amazing that truly has a lasting impact, and to avoid getting stuck.

These steps are also what help me overcome the negative voices and all of the normal, everyday fears and doubts that I listed at the top, and that we all face regularly. And what does it really hurt to try anyway - when the truth is, none of those everyday fear reasons are the real truths anyway!

It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed - Theadore Roosevelt.

I really hope this post inspires you to overcome feeling stuck by listening to any negative voices you may have had in your head, about any aspect of your life.

So, when it comes to anything or anyone that says to you “it might not work”, why not politely say “thank you”.. And then go get yourself some scaffolding and give it a try anyway… what have you really got to lose?

Til next week...Go be intentional.


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Transforming mother-in-law...


This week I’ve been really encouraged and inspired my mother in law, Julie.

For years Julie has yo-yo’d between periods of over-eating and dieting, causing feelings of condemnation and guilt and fluctuations in her weight.

She grew up believing, just like many others, that you demonstrate your love to your friends and family by feeding them. Life often revolved around planning, preparing or partaking in the eating of food.

The trouble is in days gone by, the food was wholesome, homemade and highly nutritious. Sadly, nowadays it is packed with empty calories, excessive sugar and fats and has been so processed that most of the nutritional value has been eliminated.

A few weeks ago Julie and I had a discussion where we explored why it was important for her to be more disciplined about her food. For her, growing in her faith, rather than reducing her dress size, was important.

We also explored how she could avoid or overcome feelings of guilt by not setting herself up to fail, by being more self-compassionate, and by having an accountable friend or buddy to encourage her.

These paradigm shifts in her thinking helped her understand the elements she could be responsible for, and that she could subsequently take control over what she ate, as opposed to just thinking about losing weight.

This has both transformed and motivated her to start making changes.  

Since our conversation, she has not weighed herself, but with the support of an accountable buddy and prayer, she has been focused on being more self disciplined with her portions and exercising control over snacking between meals.

Others have already noticed and commented on her healthier choices, and noticeable loss of weight, and she has already noticed how this new found self control has spilled out into many other unexpected areas of her life.

Julie reminded me this week that our mind, body and soul are connected, and that making a change is something that;

  • starts with a compelling reason to change,
  • includes making a conscious choice to change,
  • and then requires taking a few first steps to being more intentional.

Well done Julie!

If you want to start on your journey towards being more intentional about your health then why not download our FREE Intentional Health journey workbook by clicking the picture below, to help start your journey to living a healthier, happier life.


Intentional Health is now a recognised Cinnamon Network Course.

If you are part of a local church and are interested in partnering with us to deliver Intentional Health in your community please find out more here

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