Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common Q&A about Intentional Health, and in particular, the Intentional Health Programme

Q) Who will Intentional Health benefit?

Intentional Health will benefit anyone who would like to:

  • Live a longer, more fulfilled and purposeful life
  • Boost self image and self worth
  • Reduce weight or improve BMI
  • Improve diet
  • Improve physical activity levels
  • Learn how to think more positively
  • Learn about setting goals and boundaries
  • Learn how to rest
  • Or who knows what to do, but needs friendly, non-judgemental support and encouragement.

Q) Do I have to attend a church or believe in the Bible or God to attend Intentional Health?

Intentional Health is Bible based but not Bible biased. The content is useful to everyone.  There are references to the Bible throughout the programme and we explore spiritual health from a Christian point of view, but you have a choice not to engage with this, if you prefer not to.  No-one checks up on you, so anyone can attend a programme – it is open for anyone who has a human body, of all faiths and beliefs, and none.

Q) Is Intentional Health a diet, and do I need to be overweight to attend?

Intentional Health is definitely NOT a diet.  It is more like a toolkit for promoting good health and preventing Ill health.  It looks at all aspects of your health and wellbeing including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and included topics on stress, boundaries, conflict and sleep, as well as food and exercise related activities. It helps you assess where your current health is, and gives you time to think about where you might like it to be in the future. That way, you are empowered to do something about it if you choose to. There is useful information for everybody, no matter what size or shape!

There will not be anyone telling you what you should and should not be eating or doing, but if you do make some lifestyle changes, there will be plenty of support and encouragement along the way.

Q) How long does the Intentional Health programme last?

Intentional Health runs over 10 sessions, usually once a week, and each individual average session is around 2 hours long. Sometimes, the sessions may be a little longer, and sometimes you may finish earlier, all depending on the activity that week and the number of people in the group.

Q) Where could I attend Intentional Health programmes?

Intentional Health Programmes are designed to be delivered by volunteers from church-based faith organisations, who believe the Bible is the inspired word of God. Church organisations would probably use their own venues or buildings, or a suitable alternative.

  1. Q) In the future will you be running any more sessions?

Yes – the Idea is that individual churches can purchase the training and resources to deliver Intentional Health to their local communities – a little like  HTB‘s Alpha, Marriage and Parenting courses, or CAP money course currently run on a rolling programme!

Q) Would you run Intentional Health programmes in evenings or possibly weekends?

The timing of the Intentional Health programme would be at the discretion of the volunteer coaches running the programme.

Q) How much does it costs to attend a programme?

The cost of the programme is at the church’s discretion, though if your local church is charging more than you can afford, do go and speak to them about it, as lack of money should not stop anyone attending an Intentional Health programme. The charge for the programme should be seen as an investment into yourself, rather than a barrier for you coming on the course.  If you are still finding it difficult please email us on

Q) Is Intentional Health gender specific?

No, Intentional Health is for everyone. There is useful and relevant information for everyone, male and female alike! Each course is usually made up of both!