Host Venue Requirements

If you have a large team who are unable to travel to Wadebridge, Cornwall, you may be interested in hosting training at your own church.  We can’t always guarantee that this is possible, but where we can we will do all we can to accommodate this. It is also easier to do this if you are able to find 2-3 churches in the same area to train together.

Usual cost of hosting

Travel The Cost of our trainers coming to you, instead of your team coming to Wadebridge, Cornwall is a return cost of @ £0.45 per mile from our Cornwall office & training venue
(We work this cost out using google maps miles From PL27 7DS to your venue x 2 x 0.45p).

Accommodation for 3-4 nights (The trainer(s) would need to arrive and stay the night before training begins). Happy to be hosted in a hotel, Travelodge or premier Inn type accommodation.  

Approx £150 -£200  refreshments/catering for 3 days training for the trainer and all delegates (you will need to provide lunch, refreshments and snacks to keep us all energised - cost only a rough guide, you may want to make your own refreshments)

To help us host a great training experience, we will also need you to provide the following:

Premises requirements for the training

  • A clean bright airy room (it will be a long 3 days!) with enough tables for everyone to sit with an open A4 file

  • Access to a large TV/projector with sound and a table at the front near the TV/projector

  • Access to a flip chart with Paper and pens (We can bring these if necessary)

  • Access to toilets and drinking water

  • Access to plug sockets

  • It might be helpful to have access to wifi but this is not essential.

  • Parking for trainer and volunteers (or details of places to park)

Refreshments requirements for the training

  • Access to jugs/bottles or fresh running tap water is essential.

  • Tea/Coffee on arrival and during break times - Helpful to have these available throughout the day

  • Healthy lunch option provided for each of the volunteers training and for the trainers for all 3 days. (Remember to check for allergies/dietary requirements before arranging lunch/refreshments)

  • It is helpful to have snacks (eg grapes, pretzels, fresh fruit, flapjacks, breadsticks, baked crisps) that people can munch on throughout the day, when energy levels drop.

Venue set up

Please let us know what time we can get into the venue to set up - It would be helpful to be there at least an hour before we begin training on day 1 to set up, with time for coffee on arrival for registration.

Times of day should be arrive for 9:15 coffee registration for 9:30 start - lunch around 12:30pm and breaks around 10:45 and 2:45, however these are flexible as the group needs.

We aim to be finished around 5pm on day 1 and 2. We will aim to finish earlier on the third day, (usually between 3-4pm) but leave margin in case there are questions or anything that needs going over again.

Additional space requirements

we will include some activities that require getting up and moving about a little, but we won't need a huge space and will be able to adapt - if there is room for the tables and another space about the same size that would be helpful.

It might be helpful to have a separate area for lunch and breaks, just to avoid cabin fever and break up the day a little! But again, we can be flexible and work with whatever is available.

Also, each volunteer will need to complete their own application form, information about their testimony and details of activities available in their local area prior to training.  

This can be completed online using the following website link: