Why Partner With Intentional Health?

Are you looking for transformational ways to serve and support your church and local community, whilst sharing the love of Jesus?

Without your help…

  • More people in our church, local communities and leadership teams will suffer from preventable lifestyle diseases…

This leads to significant rates of early death and adds to the increasing strain on the NHS.

  • Many more people within our communities try to make lifestyle changes….

Then subsequently fail to sustain changes, because they go it alone and are not unsupported by a loving non-judgemental community.

  • Your church misses out on an opportunity…

People in your community need the support of each other to benefit the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing of individuals.

  • Your church misses out on a discipleship opportunity 

Your congregation learn habits that will grow them as followers, whilst also sharing and declaring the love of Jesus.

  • Our health & wellbeing affects every single aspect of everything we do…

Learn how being intentional is the best way to learn to prioritise our health and wellbeing, especially when life is so busy.

Why not find out more about how your church can partner with Intentional Health?

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Intentional Health, approved by the Cinnamon Network, provides a 10-session programme designed to transform lives and inspire healthy communities.

The programme is delivered exclusively by church volunteers in community groups.

The easy to follow powerpoint slides, animated videos, activities and resources, ensure that church volunteers delivering the programme feel well equipped as they support people to explore their health and wellbeing in a fun, whole person (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and non-judgemental environment.

Call us on 01208 815123 or email us directly with any questions on info@nullintentionalhealth.uk

We look forward to partnering with pioneering and dynamic people just like you!