Please submit a copy of your peer and self-evaluations online using the form below.

Thank you for helping us uphold excellence :)

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During the first 2 days of training, we encourage some informal peer and self-evaluations. These are designed to support each other to build confidence and encourage each other and are not something to worry about, but help us think about and deliver Intentional Health with appropriate truth and grace.

It creates an opportunity where we intentionally get to ask ourselves:

  • How do I know I facilitated a group in a way that brings Glory to God?

  • Did I do my best and

  • Could I do anything differently based on what I have learnt from delivering this session?

To do this we can all evaluate together (including self-evaluation) each criterion is based on a simple scale as follows:

0 = There was no evidence of ___X_____ in the presentation. 

1 = There was some evidence of ______________ in the presentation.

2 = There was consistently excellent evidence of ______________ in the presentation that could not really be further improved or developed.

(Remember, this might reflect the opportunity to demonstrate that particular criterion during the session, rather than because the Coach is or is unable to demonstrate that)

Based on our assessments we will look at how ready we are to facilitate a session, or if we need some more support to make sure we feel confident in serving our communities to the best of our ability.

Using this method consistently and constructively means we can all support, encourage and hold each other to account in order to protect Intentional Health, but most importantly, protect the reputation of the local Church and Jesus Christ himself.

We will encourage and require you to support each other with the evaluations going forward and let us know how you are doing. The important thing is that any evaluation does not take over as the driving force for the programme.

Meeting the needs of the members on the programme is always more important than an evaluation itself - we are simply being intentional with the outcomes of the Programme, and it helps us know where we are doing a good job so we can celebrate our successes too!