Please click on the names below to download the required programme printables or online forms

For Members during the Programme

Full 10 Session PDF Printout set (including member registration and consent form)

IH Member Certificate.pdf (TO PRINT ON CARD IN COLOUR)

Story (testimonial) form (online form)    (Printable)

For Coach use during the programme

Register (online form)   (Printable)

Early leavers form (online form)   (Printable)

IH Coach Self_Peer assessment (online form)   (Printable)

For use before running your first programme

Church Post Training Meeting Checklist (online form)          (Printable)

Intentional Health Register New Programme Form                (Printable)

Intentional Health Risk Assessment (online form)                 (Printable)

Intentional Health Session by Session Checklist 

Other helpful bits

Intentional Health Coach's Prayer

Intentional Health Name Badges

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