Health Professionals

Our programme content uses the current government guidelines - is evidence based -and is delivered in line with MECC guidance.

We train and equip all our volunteers with excellent resources and ongoing support and accountability as well as enabled peer co-creation of the 10-week programme. We worked with Exeter University Medical School from the outset to embed validated evaluation tools into the programme.

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to confidently refer your patients to our 10-session, place-based, peer-led intervention and also report the impact of that back to you.

That’s why we are continuing to work on evaluation tools and systems with the support of Exeter University Medical School and the European Centre for Environment and Human Health to robustly and effectively do that using digital technology, and making it straightforward for GP’s, and other community, link or allied health professionals to signpost patients to.

We are still working towards that, so for now, you are welcome to download our preliminary evaluation.

Leaving your email address will also help us keep you up to date when we are in a position to inform you of our progress. (We promise to respect you and your email address)

Here’s a recent article explaining a bit more about the Peer-led, place based intervention…


Published March 2019