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Government supporting preventative health care

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Although it has been a while since we last posted a blog, today’s news is something we are really excited about so had to share it! The Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, has today (5th November 2018) laid out his long-term vision for the NHS and the country’s health. His plan will centre […]

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Confession time…


Gareth and I have enjoyed watching Masterchef over the past few weeks for a bit of relaxing evening TV. We are not big TV watchers, preferring to watch films or box sets, but Masterchef has been especially welcome in these cold winter, and even snowy, evenings! We enjoy learning about new foods that we can […]

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Niky is in bed with the flu. It is teaching her a valuable lesson. Sometimes you can be applying the most intentional, proactive and goal orientated approach to your personal health or any other aspect of your life…and then you get the flu! It wasn’t forecasted, she didn’t plan for it, nor has she built […]

How’s your heart?


Photo Credit : Cathal Mac an Bheatha It has begun… the emails suggesting presents, Pinterest pages and promotions for Valentine’s day are flooding my inbox! Don’t get me wrong, those who know me well, know that I’m an old romantic and love nothing more than a good rom-com (much to the delights of my husband […]

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The impact of a grain of rice?

rice reward

Photo Credit :Julien Pianetti I heard a story last week about a grain of rice, a king and a chess board. The king offered a reward to a man who was in his debt. The thoughtful man asked for a single grain of rice, doubled for every square on a chess board. So, 2 grains for the […]

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Photo Credit:Tim Mossholder If, as the saying goes, twenty years ago was the best time to plant a tree, when is the best time to be intentional about your health? Is it … when your jeans don’t do up? when you feel exhausted? when you notice you are cranky with your family? when you come […]


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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash “Intentional…” I don’t know about you, but everywhere I hear people talk about making a difference, making life better and making life count, they talk about being intentional. Here at Intentional Health we also recognise that intentionality is relatively simple – you decide on your future, today – You have a vision or a goal […]

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Balanced Life or Burnout?


There is one thing for certain… We can’t have a healthy balanced life and Burnout at the same time. If we live a healthy balanced life, get sufficient rest and sleep; we avoid burnout. If we live an unbalanced, unhealthy life, we are heading in the direction of burnout. None of us wants to live a life that ends up […]

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Did you notice the good or bad habits?


If you watched the replay of last weeks webinar, you’ll know that there are no such thing as good and bad habit loops, habit loops are just a pathway. That’s why it’s good to put ourselves in the way of “good things” because it is the triggers and cues, and associated behaviours that are good or […]

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