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Opportunities vs Obligation

opportunities and obligations

Have you have noticed how frequently we are presented with opportunities? Temptations, distractions and offers that are just “too good to miss” are almost as persistent in our lives today, as the wet, cold, winter has been! Although, I’m sure you were as blessed as I was to finally feel the warmth of sunshine this […]

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help momentum

This morning, I am feeling very appreciative of help and others. For those who don’t know, I have just spent 9 days in bed with a nasty dose of the Flu. Big thanks to all of you who have sent messages of encouragement and well wishes, to those who brought food and flowers and transported […]

Story Time

story book bible

Photo Credit:Ben White As it is National Storytelling Week (January 27th – February 3rd), we invite you to make yourself comfy for today’s Intentional Health story time… Once upon a time….. ….many years ago, there was a nasty outbreak of a disease called cholera. This disease caused many people to become physically sick, causing much suffering […]

Feel Like Giving Up?

Give up resolutions new year procrastinating

Photo Credit :Lucy Trevatt As we approach the January halfway point, I wonder how your new year resolutions, disciplines or goals are going? Are you making progress and celebrating your success along the way, or perhaps the novelty is beginning to wear thin and any changes are feeling hard? Have you been tempted to give […]

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Photo Credit:Tim Mossholder If, as the saying goes, twenty years ago was the best time to plant a tree, when is the best time to be intentional about your health? Is it … when your jeans don’t do up? when you feel exhausted? when you notice you are cranky with your family? when you come […]

Did you notice the good or bad habits?


If you watched the replay of last weeks webinar, you’ll know that there are no such thing as good and bad habit loops, habit loops are just a pathway. That’s why it’s good to put ourselves in the way of “good things” because it is the triggers and cues, and associated behaviours that are good or […]

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