Taster Session

Click on the links below if you would like to to download the resources to help deliver a taster session in your community. The 2017 session is a 3 hour session.

We are hugely grateful for the 2019 1-hour Taster Session, which has been created and shared by Maureen Chivers, from Brixham Baptist Church Hub! Thanks Maureen! :)

1 Hour Session



Again, Thanks to Maureen Chivers for creating and sharing these 1-hour session resources 🌟

If you use these and have any feedback please let us know, or contact Maureen Directly on intenthealth@brixhambaptist.org.uk

3 hour session





(This is only an example - let us know all the details and exactly what you want on your flyer and we can customise it for you, but please do give us some notice!)