This page provides further information on completing the “What’s Next?” Part of Session 10.

The form below will help you to do some research about what is already going on in your local community. You can signpost people to this throughout the programme and in Session 10 of the Programme.

Support from health services

What support programmes are the local doctor's surgery/ health services offering?  

e.g. with diet, losing weight, improving physical activity levels (exercise referral programmes), managing mental health difficulties/emotions/stress levels, use of recreational drugs, misuse of prescribed/over the counter medication.

Taking up a new physical activity

What physical activities/clubs are being offered in the local area?

Look at local newspapers/magazines, the local leisure centre/sports facilities, libraries, flyers in shop windows, adult community learning brochures.  Collect flyers, timetables, information on membership and prices and promotions.

Walk More

What opportunities are there in the local area that encourage people to walk more?

Look at for free health walks in your local area.  Check for ramblers groups etc.

Are there any creative or educational courses in the area?

Look at Adult & Community Learning brochure

The University of the Third Age (U3A) is open to anyone no longer in full-time employment – there’s no minimum age-limit – and your local branch may have a whole range of different groups, depending on what the members’ interests are – languages, board games, church architecture, photography etc. etc. – and the costs are low.  

Are there any community groups running in the area?

Contact local community organisations.  Those aimed at young people sometimes host initiatives aimed at a wider age range.

Consider befriending organisations which run activity groups so that people needn’t be lonely and, of course, organisations which have speakers of interest and provide social contact, with perhaps the opportunity to raise money for charity.

What volunteering opportunities are there in your area?

Do not forget to include volunteer positions within the church.

‘Explore Christianity / Deepen your Christian Walk’

What discipleship courses/groups are running in your church or local churches?

e.g. Alpha, prayer/bible study groups etc.

(This is just a list to get you started - there may are probably more options in your community!)